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26 May 2019

Pennies From my local Bank

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Anyone else have any issues getting a box of Pennies from their local bank ? My bank tells me it cost them money to give me pennies. where would be a good place to get pennies


some banks don't carry the rolls at the counter, but should have them in the safe.... Perhaps they didn't wish to retrieve them at the time? Or, they somehow may have not had a large quantity on hand, so they would have had to order/request some from other banks


Level 4

No problems in Castroville, Texas, or San Antonio.


Level 6

I agree, I've never had any problem with getting a box of rolled coins. Sounds like maybe your bank just doesn't want to be bothered...or carry it... haha ; )


Level 7

. Never here that before in twenty five years. That's a lie. You can exchange a box of quarters nickels dimes what ever. I would ask the bank supervisor why. There both legal tender. Wells Fargo no questions. Try a savings bank not a business bank.


Level 6

I've never heard that before. It's kind of their job. My credit union doesn't really do rolls. My banks does, no problem.


Level 3

well I may have to find myself a different bank

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