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04 Mar 2015

1953 die deterioration doubling

| foundinrolls

This is the fancy name for the doubling effect caused when a coin is struck by a worn die.



Level 6

A little too subtle for me


Level 7

Any coin that is doubled check the cherry pickers book you never know what they list in there. I found a ddr. Never new how much it was worth. Now it in my safe! Always check!


Level 5

Everything is collectable to someone. Especially as a type of error!


Level 4

Cool!! Out of curiosity, is it worth more than a normal 1953?


Level 4

Nice cent you got there!



Level 3

Ths is very common, especially on cents of the 1950s. It is the same thing that caused what is known as the Poorman's Doubled Die on 1955 cents. It is not a doubled die as we know it since the doubling is caused by die wear and not duplication caused by hubbing a die incorrectly. Although neat to look at it should never be confused with a doubled die.


Level 5

DDD, or even DDDD! Die Deterioration Doubled Date! I've never heard of that fancy error! I like that coin!


Level 6

Great find! I love doubling!


Level 4

Nice Coin and good job in find it

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