Kevin Leab's Blog

08 Dec 2020

Involving Kids in the ANA

Coins | Kevin Leab

About 2 weeks ago I signed my son Andrew up for an ANA membership.....He is 19 years old and has Cerebral Palsy from a birth injury.. He loves looking at old coins with me and I talk to him about them and their history. Even though he is nonverbal I can still tell that he has an interest because he pays attention to me. I am all about involving our children in the world of numismatics and I believe that it should be heavily promoted and the National and local levels....and I believe they all do a fantastic part in it. I very much want to get this jumpstarted in our local club but they haven't met since last March when this Covid thing started.....but I will once they get back together.. Our local club consists of mainly older retied men, about 8 of them in total. I'd love to raise awareness locally in my community. I very much enjoy doing this with my son. When my grandkids get a little older I will try to get their interest and buy them a membership also.....in reality, that's where my collection will end up anyway.

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