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21 Dec 2020

1984 Olympic Silver Dollar Collector Set, “P” “D” “S”

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These coins are special to me since they were my Christmas gift in 1984 from my folks. In this case my Mother wrote the card so it said more than just "Enjoy". Lol

These coins were produced at all three of the US Mint facilities. Uncirculated versions of these coins were struck at Philadelphia, Denver & San Francisco Mints. The Proof version was only produced at the San Francisco Mint. The proof version of this coin with the uncirculated version struck at Philadelphia were sold individually. The other uncirculated versions of this coin were only available as part of a three-coin set.

This was not the first coin minted to celebrate the XXIII Olympiad held in Los Angeles, California. In 1983 a different Commemorative Silver Dollar had been minted that featured a Discus Thrower. There was a Gold Coin as well.

The Obverse of this coin depicts the Olympic Gateway, the entrance of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Two sculptures Sans Head are on either side of an Olympic flame on a lintel. "Liberty", "In God We Trust", "Los Angeles", XXIII Olympiad", & the date "1984" are inscribed around the Gateway. The Reverse depicts a perched bald eagle with an olive branch, and the inscriptions "United States of America", "One Dollar", and "E Pluribus Unum" at the base of the Eagles perch.

Designer; Robert Graham, Weight; .86 troy oz, 26.73 g, Diameter; 38.1mm, Composition; 900 Fine, (.77 troy oz, 24.06 oz), Copper (.09 troy oz, 2.67g). The COA notes; "Traditional Content for U.S. silver coinage".

1984 P Uncirculated Silver Dollar, Price $28.00, total mintage; 217,954

1984 D Uncirculated Silver Dollar, Price $89.00, this was issued only as part of a three-coin set, total mintage; 116,675

1984 D Uncirculated Silver Dollar, Price $89.00, this was also issued only as part of a three-coin set, total mintage; 116,675

1984 S Proof Silver Dollar, Price $32.00, total mintage; 1,801,210

This set is currently selling on the internet in the $65.00 - $100.00 price range, while the Proof coin can be obtained in prices ranging from $35.00 to $100.00. Some of these come with OGP, some not, these prices do not include any third party graded coins, however, the price range for them is equally as diverse.

I hope that my family choses to keep my collection after I'm gone, but it's their call and if my listing them with any personal history helps in any way, I will go a happy guy. Thanks again for allowing me to do this fifth version of my older coins. Nuff Said!

Photos 1 & 2 Cards with COA as part of Mint Packaging, Photo 3, the three-coin set, Photo 4, Reverse, Photo 5, Obverse, Photo 6, His Heinousness in a state of utter exhaustion after Supervising my going through coins all afternoon.



Level 5

Neat set of coins. The eagle is very unique to that set.

Long Beard

Level 5

Some very beautiful designs were created for the various years of the Olympics. Enjoyed the read.

If I remember correctly they also created several stamps that looked quite similar to the commem. These are lovely, thanks for sharing!


Level 6

That's a beautiful set! Nice sentimental value too ; ) I really love that eagle design! Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

That is such a beautiful bird. I have one in my collection of cool birds. Nice blog! Packed with info.


Level 4

Sweet! I was living in Southern California during the Olympics and we had a few of the Olympians from the U.S. Teams visit our Jr. High and gave out tips. Great coins!

It's Mokie

Level 6

There is a story behind every coin we own, some of those are full of wonderful sentiment. Thank You for sharing a wonderful story about those Olympic Dollars


Level 5

They are beautiful! Those are the best coins you can get. Amazing to look at, with plenty of memories attached. Cheers, NM


Level 6

I have the Prestige Proof Set from my folks of the same year. Great special coins for us.


Level 5

Nice set ! Love the eagle reverse. Love the cat also. I should post a picture of my Miss meow ! Thanks for posting!


Level 6

Nothing like a pal to follow you around and keep you on the proper biker pathway. Great coins. I hope you have someone to follow your hobby in the family. No luck for me, so far. Thanks.


Level 5

Beautiful coins! When my cat watches me while I do work, it looks like she is judging me, and that I disgust her lol. Thanks for the update!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I hope they do, you mentioned one Grandson who is interested.... Felix is your boon companion!


Level 5

Felix Arrington Moses is His Heinousness' actual name. He came from the Harley Davison mint, his original Mom & Dad were biker friends. He is almost 15 years old & follows me constantly, he's my shadow, we've been through a lot together.


Level 7

Great gift. What mint did the cat come from!!! It's always nice to receive coins as gifts. You never forget who gave it to you and they always bring back memories!! Thanks for the blog!!

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