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21 Oct 2014

Page Days!

Money Museum | Cassie

Put on your little red vest, you and grandpa are going to the coin show. These were the days of big tips, and friendly faces! Did anyone else out there start out "paging" at the local coin shows?



Level 5

I always wanted to but no coin shows are close enough for me :(


Level 4

Dang. I wanted to go too but theres school :(


Level 4

But you were ready weren't you? Where is my vest?? I am going.. School is temporary, soon you'll be wishing you were back in school again..

Amanda Varner

Level 4

No, but I wish I had ... while I grew up in the industry (second generation), I didn't attend my first coin show until my early 20's. I always imagined those kids made a LOT in tips! ;)


Level 4

I think attending in your twenty's gives you more appreciation.. If I could page all over again I think I would enjoy it more at 23 then I did at 8-13 years old. It was fun.... back when you thought 50 bucks could buy you the world.

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