Cassie's Blog

19 Sep 2014

What would you recommend?

Money Museum | Cassie

Calling all NUMISMATISTS, the young and the young at heart, to make recommendations on what you'd like to see in the Money Museum Gift Shop! It can be ideas on books, coins, and any other products...What can we do to attract more people? How can we pass along this great hobby? Sometimes the passion ignites from a single gift! Leave your thoughts below!



Level 7

Pictures of young people looking at coins. Studying them. Pictures of a class where people are learns NGC about the hobby.


Level 4

yes! wall hangs/posters are awesome!


Level 4

Perfect, thank you for your input!


Level 4

Thank you for your thoughts, so maybe more posters/art of the coins we have on display? Brilliant thank you.


Level 5

You had wall hangings of the 1804 Dollar. I would love one of the 1913 Liberty Nickel.

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