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11 Jan 2021

Canadian coins part 2.

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I found morefacts about Canadian coins. Fist silver nickels, 1900 had oval and round 0's, The next varieties are 1902, large broad H and it's more valuable counterpart the small narrow H. 1903 22 leaves and 21 leaves, the 22 leaves variety has a mintage of 1 million minted. Another variety was for 2 years in 1909 and 1910. The 2 variety is round leaves and pointed leaves. Modern non silver nickels. Next nickel nickels, the variety is a 1926 near 6 and far 6 like the 1997 nickel. In 1947 unlike the penny the nickel had the maple leaf and dot. The dot is the most valuable nickel from 1947. In 1951 the composition change from nickel to chromium and nickel, plated steel. The 1951 nickel also has a variety of a high relief and low relief coins. Then 1953 with and without strap, it was also in 1954 and again in 1955. For the penny, however the nickel had a no strap with near leaf and vise versa. The nickel composition was changed in 1955 back to the 1950 composition. Modern nickel key dates, 1966, 1970, 1991, 1997. Silver dimes Moving on to dimes, no varieties until 1909. The variety in 1909 is the Victorian leaves are similar to the 1902 to 1908 coins, The, broad leaves were dimes from 1910 to 1912. This is similar to a 1939 Jefferson reverse of 1938 or 1940. Then the rare 1913 small leaves compared to the large leaves, then of course the 1936 dot on the reverse. Just like with the penny the 1953 with and with out strap. There is also a more common 1956 dot that is not at all as hard to find. Non silver dime, then in 1968 the edge was changed from the Ottawa edge to the Philadelphia edge. Gold Moving on to interesting facts in some 1967 proof sets there is a five, dollar gold coin. The gold coins minted from Canada are the 5, dollar coins minted from 1912 to 1914. The 1914 only had 31,122 minted. For 10 gold dollar coins however, they were minted from 1908 to 1919. The rarest 10, dollar gold coin is the 1908H with a mintage of only 636. These gold coins were made of 90 percent gold. For some reason the 1912 to 1914 coins have more actual gold weight than other years for ten dollars. Bicentennial nickel the RCM also made a 1951 nickel to celebrate 200 years of the nickel in 1751. It was not a Canadian coin.



Level 5

Cool! I have some older Canadian coins, but nothing much. Thanks for sharing!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Interesting, I have never heard of 1967 sets containing $5 gold coins. I know the RCM issued $20 gold coins, I wonder if the sets with $5 gold coins were private issues? Will have to look into this as I doubt they were issued by the Mint that way.

I've always had to go online for information on canadian numismatics. All th ebooks I have just aren't like what else is available.


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Much improved. I try not to critique other peoples writing as mine is not too bueno. I only mention it because you asked. I enjoy Canadian coins. I appreciate your updates. Shows commitment. Well done.


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I always like talk on Canadian coins. Living near the border with Canada I always liked their coins. Have some cents, maple leafs and a few of the 1998 sets. 1908-1998 sets. Keep the canada blogs coming. Thanks


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I ha e arthritis in my hands it's very hard to type. It will get easier for you. . Thanks for the break down. Don't worry it will come to you. Keep them coming . Good blog

I. R. Bama

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Better! You are getting there! Much improved.... Thank you for putting in the effort, I like that! Lots of interesting info here and it was worth reading. Learning to write well is hard. I had a lot of work to do to learn to write better and I still see room for improvment in my work. Canadian coins have a lot to collecting them as you pointed out. Lots to learn and I learned something here!



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Better, look at other blogs, writing is a process, heck, look at my style, hardly professional. Keep on keeping on, we all become better when we practice. Good work!

Like a denomination time line of certain countries?


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In writing, my Uncle used to say "Fake it, til you make it", try putting paragraph breaks between each decade you discuss, This allows better content understanding. You have excellent information here, just spread content by category, you'll soon find writing easier as you go. Excellent information, thanks.

Is this better?

This was a lot of hard work typing.

I. R. Bama

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This would be a more readable blog if you would please break out the paragraphs in proper form. Looks like you have a lot of interesting information, but it isn't reader friendly. So I stopped trying to read it. Please edit it, because you put a lot of good work into it and this blog deserves better! Keep on writing, Canadian coins are great to collect!

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