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10 Sep 2022

2022 Annual YN Auction!

Young Numismatists Exchange | thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

The YN auction just finished up at around 5pm EST, and boy, was it fun! First of all, thanks to Sam, the ANA, and most importantly, the awesome amazing donors who donated for a total of 110 lots this year! I'll start with my overall impression, then get into my personal experience. Let's get into it!

First of all, I believe we had an all time high number of YNs attending, which was about 100. The lots were very good this year in my opinion, and bidding was intense. Nothing stayed near the minimum bid for long. There was intense bidding on the floor, and YN competition was intense. However, everyone was very respectful and kind to all the bidders. The prices realized were higher than the low last year, and we're back to normal.

As for my personal experience, I had mostly positives. I won four lots. The first lot I won was Lot #17 , which was a EF-40 1964 Type B Washington Quarter (FS-901). The next lot was #21, which was a toned Morgan Dollar! It is EF Details with an old cleaning, but it has retoned since. It is a beautiful coin, which I can't wait to place in my type set. Next, I tried to win the gold coin, but was out bid. The gold coin went for $3,500. Then, I won Lot #58. It was Lot #19, a plaquette of Theodore Roosevelt (replica) made of bronze. The real reason I bought it was because the obverse was designed by Charles Barber, and the reverse was designed by George T. Morgan. It was super cool having a piece of art with both of these awesome designers. The last lot I bought was Lot #75. It is a 1952-D Roosevelt Dime in a PCGS slab, MS-65. It is toned on the obverse, with target toning on the reverse.

Keep collecting,




Level 4

Some nice additions to your collection. I imagine the YN auction was quite entertaining, given some of these items. Congrats on the wins.


Level 3

Nice wins. I know you got one I wanted, and maybe I got you you wanted. LOL. That's the way it goes. It is always great fun.


Level 4

great wins! i wish I'd got something good like you--all i got was a grab bag. i had 365 YN dollars


Level 6

Nicely done review. I was disappointed that only you YN's could view the auction. This is not the way it has been done inn the past. I'm sure Sam had his reasons. Great haul. Thanks.


Level 5

The reason was that is was less glitchy on Google Meets than YouTube.


Level 6

Thanks for telling us about the auction! Sounds like all you YN's had a great time! Congratulations on all of your wins. Nice additions to your on-going collections! ; )


Level 7

You guys cleaned up. You deserve it and Sam for all the work he does. Congratulations.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Fantastic, Your Brother and You did well, thanks for sharing the excitement.

Long Beard

Level 5

You've got some great taste with a mix of variety. I approve! As a long time collector, cleaned coins are perfectly fine. To a point. You nailed it on that Morgan.


Level 4

Great coins for your collection!! 🎉🎉 Would love to see your type set. Great to see you guys so enthusiastic!


Level 5

I also got auction fever when I bid on the 1899-O Morgan dollar. Nice lots!


Level 4

Nice pickups, how much did you get them for? I got lots 11, 31, 63, and 96. I was really happy about lot 96 while I got auction fever for 63:)

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