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14 Jun 2022

Calling All YNs!

| thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

I have a very important and exciting announcement to make: the 8th Annual YN Auction is coming on September 10th, at 10:00am MDT (12:00am EST)! This is one of the numismatic highlights of the year for many YNs, myself included. Last year was a bundle of fun and numismatics, which was great. I feel like it might be even better this year, as a lot of senior YNs with a ton of YN dollars have graduated out of the YN program. For those who are new, here's a little bit of what to expect.

The catalog for the auction usually has around 110 lots, with the last ten being grab bags. I would suggest looking through the catalog AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT! This is a very important step, so you know what coins are up for auction before the day of the sales. I would make a list of the coins you are interested in. Include what the coin's design (or other numismatic related item) is (Barber, Indian Head, Morgan, etc.), the lot number, the date and mintmark, and condition, along with anything else you would want to include. Then look at your list and see which coins you would just like to have, and which coins you actually need for certain sets your are completing, or anything else that might be essential for you to bid on. Once you have that, look at the values of the coins you plan to bid on and what the minimum bid is (in YN$) for the coins. Decide the maximum amount you would want to spend on those lots. Setting yourself a maximum bid is ESSENTIAL. A lot of people get caught up in "Auction fever" and in the moment pay more than they would have for the coin. Then, have fun with it! I loved chatting with other ANA members live, which was great because I could get a response instantly!

Hope to see everyone there! Even our old timers, it’s fun to watch from the outside in lol.

Can’t wait,




Level 6

Hey easy with the Old Timers. The truth hurts. Good luck to all. Register to bid!!!!!!!!!!


Level 5

I already did. By “Old Timers: I meant people who have been on the blog for multiple year and are not YNs. I think you don’t look a year under 7 for a bear Mr. Longstrider!


Level 4

I'll probably not participate because I only have 10 yn dollars. Thanks for the blog.


Level 7

Its important that people who have coins they can donate do. Yns deserve nice coins. So if you have something to donate please do it!


Level 5

Great blog! Ya, make sure you know how much you want to spend on each lot for sure--and make sure you have more than $120 YN like the first year I did it...


Level 5

I had $650YN my first year. Tried to buy a Franklin, but was bid past my amount of YN$ at the time. Didn’t have the heart to buy something else. More for this year though!


Level 5

I can't wait to see what the catalog is. Try not to bid against me bother!


Level 5

No chance if I want it mate. Good luck though.

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