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21 May 2022

Tips For Exhibiting: Part One

| thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

My most recent blog was on why you should do an exhibit, and now I'll give you some helpful tips to do so!

The first tip is read the exhibit rules and guidelines. A lot of shows have different rules pertaining to the type of coins, the size of the exhibit, the scoring, etc. Make sure you know just what you need to do as it pertains to that certain show BEFORE you go making your exhibit. This is very important because you could have to completely restart your exhibit because it could not be the right size (too small/too big), it could be they don't accept exhibits in that certain coin category, or it could be your exhibit might not score well due to the type of coins you are exhibiting.

My second tip is to read the scoring rubric if they have one available before the show. One of the reasons to exhibit is to win prizes, which is achieved by the highest scores. If you know what the judges will be looking for, you will know how to improve your exhibit to make sure you don't leave something stupid out that would have been easy points. You will live to regret it if you miss something easy (ask me how I know).

My third tip is on picking which coins you want to exhibit. Especially if it is your first exhibit, I would recommend using coins you already have, although some people with experience do buy coins just to make exhibits out of them. I would pick coins that you now something about, coins that are in very good condition, and, if your collection has them, expensive coins (although this is last on the priority list). Make sure you know a lot (or can research a lot) about the certain coins you will be displaying, or else your exhibit might be lacking in information.

Keep collecting,




Level 7

Great tips for those planning one. I know you will win some along the way .Your hard work will pay off. Thanks


Level 5

Nice to know. Maybe someday I will with all of the advice.


Level 5

Another tip is to sort of balance it where if there’s a lot of coins have a lot of information or if there’s a few coins add a few pieces of I formation. Good tips though!

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