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20 Aug 2022

Collecting Canadian Small Cents

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As I have said in many of my previous blogs, finding series that you enjoy, and you can afford, is something that is not easily accomplished for most people. There are always exceptions to a cheap series that make it unobtainable to a budget minded collector. Think, the Lincoln Cent series. If there was not such a big premium for the 1909-S VDB, there would be so many more complete sets of Lincoln Cents. Unfortunately, because of the price associated with the key date, some collectors will never fill all the holes. But I’m here to talk with you guys about a series almost no collect will have any trouble completing: Canadian Small Cents.
Canadian small cents were issued from 1920 until the abolition of the denomination by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2012. They are about the same size as the United Sates cent (the US cent is 19.05mm, while the Canadian Counterpart is 19.1mm). Canadian small cents have had two main reverse designs, along with three different monarchs: King George the Fifth, King George the Sixth, and Queen Elisabeth the Second. (the third, Queen Elisabeth the Second, has had four different renditions of herself on Canadian cents).
The main reason one would collect Canadian Cents would be while it is a longer series (it would require two Whitman folders to house all of the coins), all of the coins are financially within reach for 99% of collectors. Most of the years and mint marks can be purchased for less than $1 each in dealer’s junk bins, or, if you live further north, you may be able to acquire over half of the set just through circulation! I have found that the further north you travel, the more Canadian cents there will be passed through circulation here in the US. I have acquired many coins for my sett through this method. There are six coins that will probably set you back more than $1 (1922-1927, 1930), but even the key date of the series, the 1923, will cost you no more than $30 for a mid-grade specimen. There are multiple varieties in the series if that is your kind of thing, and with prices ranging from cheap, to… more money than I’ve had in my lifetime. 😅 Since the series has ended as of 2012, you have the ability to own the entire series without having to add new coins every year.
Canadian small cents are underrated opportunities to collect beautiful coins on a budget. And as Canadian series gain in popularity as they are right now, prices can only go in one direction: up!
Keep collecting,Thatcoinguy


It's Mokie

Level 6

I have a collection of Canadian small cents. It is a very easy collection on the old wallet and still very satisfying with all the different royal busts throughout its run.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I've been collecting these since childhood, one of the earliest coins I started collecting. But I still don't have a full set.

Long Beard

Level 5

You offer some sound insight into coin collecting. As collectors here in the States, arguably the largest market in the world, prices are based on popularity, the number of collectors and the mintage/survival rates. With this in mind, there are still several U.S. series which could be assembled by those on a budget, the key dates included, with both patience and time. Waiting is what makes them truly more valuable when they find you. As for the Canadian small cent, those are a wonderful series to pursue and quite enjoyable doing so. Myself, I find the large cent a bit more appealing due to the reverse leaf design. This series is also not much above the small as far as minimal budget collecting pertains.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Thanks so much, very informative blog.


Level 7

Very good advice and a good looking coin. Always buy within your budget but there is sometimes we have to break that rule. The set is very able to do.. The fact you have come so far is terrific. You saw a set you liked and went for it. And you said I'm not given up. When you put that last coin in you will remember the feeling . Its great. I wish you well. Thanks for the blog. Its a good example for those that want to do one. Keep up the good work!!


Level 5

Thanks for the comment Mike!

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