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14 Feb 2023

Roll Searching for Silver Coins

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

I feel like I know a lot about this topic, and I have seen this mentioned less and less on the member blog (where are you @CoinHunter?!), so I figured I'd put some of my knowledge out there.

A big draw for people starting out is the ability to find silver coins in coin rolls. This has been the subject of many popular coin roll hunting youtube channels, and has brought many people in the hobby, but has also been the cause of many people leaving as well. Here's my number one tip when it comes to silver: Expect nothing, and you'll be happy when you get something. You will not find silver every single hunt. Not even ever three hunts. But if you hunt long enough, you will find some.

Nickel roll hunting is my second favorite denomination to hunt, because you can get large quantities without spending too much money (a box of 50 rolls is $100), and there are many possibilities to find different types of coins worth keeping. Compared to some other denominations, silver is relatively easy to come by, I probably average one silver nickel for every box I search. Some boxes have no silver, and some boxes have multiple silver nickels. Silver nickels were made from 1942-1945 (check the reverse above Monticello on 1942 nickels to see if they are silver. If there is a big P, D, or S above the building, you have yourself a silver coin!).

Searching dime rolls for silver (in my opinion) is very underrated. I (personally) dislike hunting dimes because there are no design differences to make the hunt more fun, but despite this being my least searched denomination, I've found more silver coins in this denomination than in any other denomination (except half dollars). Anything before 1965 is 90% silver.

Quarters, quarters, quarters. If you're hunting quarters for silver, you will be SORELY disappointed. I have searched countless rolls of quarters, and have found only four silver quarters, even though this is the denomination I have searched the most rolls of. I would personally recommend if you are just searching for silver, and nothing else, quarters will only lead to disappointment. But, in case you do search quarters, 1964 and before are your silver dates.

My personal favorite rolls to hunt, half dollars! Oftentimes, you will need to place an order for rolls at your bank if you want half dollars, because I have encountered very few banks that already have half dollar rolls. However, if you do place an order, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. I have yet to search a box of half dollars and find nothing (although I have only searched four boxes) and have heard many others have great success with half dollars as well. Half dollars 1964 and before are 90% silver, and half dollars 1965-1970 are 90% silver.

Keep collecting,




Level 4

What are YNH's?

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I haven't searched half dollar rolls since the late 70s when I was working on my first Kennedy set. We just had a small local bank and the tellers would let us sit at a table behind them and search the rolls....keep what we found and let the rest. We'd often find 40% halves and sometimes 90% halves. We never found any Franklins. Your post about roll searching brought back a lot of memories. Thank you!!

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

The issuance of silver coinage is fascinating. I like mostly half dollars and older US coins. Thanks, good blog.


Level 5

Hunting coins is fun. I would suspect the only silver you will find, is mistaken coin collections being spent, or by someone purposefully putting the coins in circulation? Every year, isn't there a week where the numismatic community asks for collectible coins be put in circulation?


Level 2

I've found one silver dime looking through rolls but I didn't know that you could get half dollars from your local bank. Good blog too.


Level 5

Nice blog! I'm still around, just been pretty busy with school and work.

I personally have hade the best luck with quarters while searching for error/variety coins. Also, where do you get coin boxes? our local bank only has coin rolls.


Level 5

Most of the time I have to ask the bank to order a box from the FED.


Level 6

Well I am impressed with the amount of silver you find in nickels. Well done. No halves at my bank. Good luck.


Level 7

I agree that nickels are fun. So is the rest of the coinage. I agree don't think you will find any silver and you will feel better when you do. Good blog

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