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18 Dec 2021

Top 4 Tips For Visiting The Dahlonega Gold Museum

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The Dahlonega Gold Museum is located on 1 Public Square, Dahlonega, GA (30533). Dispute the fact it is not located on the actual mint's foundation, it is in a lovely courthouse that is in the middle of a charming small square.I had the chance to visit it last month, and here are some tips for your visit.

1. Timing Is Everything: I would recommend giving yourself about an hour to see everything the museum has to offer. At the top of every hour, the museum plays a 18 minute video about the Georgia Gold Rush (which was America's first gold rush) in the second floor's theater that is really worth watching. The video quality isn't great as they use a lot of old film shots, but the information you get from the video more than makes up for it. Here's the museum's website link for opening and closing hours:https://gastateparks.org/DahlonegaGoldMuseum.

2. Don't Come Expecting A Numismatic Treasure Trove: Despite what you may read on the internet, the museum is (sadly) not centered around numismatics. Gold coins were a big part of the gold rush, but it is not the central topic about the museum as a whole.

3. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time For The Coins: Despite what I said in tip number 2, the museum DOES have a room centered around the numismatic related sections of the gold rush, including a complete date and (all) denomination set of coins from the Dahlonega mint. I probably spent about 20 minutes in the room (although you probably won't). The walls are plastered with facts on the designs, the history, and the mint itself.

4. Don't Confine Yourself To The Museum: See what else Dahlonega has to offer! There are tons of panning places you can test your luck with, or take a tour of one of the old mines! I have attached a link to the Dahlonega Discovery Guide here:https://www.bluetoad.com/publication/?m=62820&i=714999&p=1&pre=1&ver=html5.

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I totally forgot about that mint! Those gold coins look really nice!


Level 6

I really wish I could afford one of these gold coins. My favorite gold mint. Thanks for the tips. Maybe one day.


Level 5

Sounds like you had a good time there. Thanks for sharing your tips!


Level 7

Wish I could visit all the mints. This one would take an hour? I wonder if all the mints are that long. ? Would love to go. Thanks for the info!!


Level 5

No problem Mike!


Level 5

Would like to visit the museum. Thanks for the tips. Definitely helps know about what to expect.


Level 5

someday I will get there. it sounds like history worth looking at.


Level 5

Great blog!

AC coin$

Level 6

Woooow ! Great blog . Nice tips . Thanks for sharing


Level 6

Great blog! Sounds like a fun time. I would love to go to Dahlonega! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Awesome blog! It's been on my list for awhile


Level 5

Yeah, it’s nice having a mint (or in this case former mint) nearby.


Level 5

I don’t know how to do that. Sorry!


Level 4

Neither do I


Level 5

The coin piture is sidways can you change that? Thanks for the tips!

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