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02 Nov 2021

Update #12: My First Nickel Box!

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

As you can see from the title, I'm super happy. I need new shoes (they just fell apart yesterday), so I went to the shoe store on Monday. My mom told me there was a bank on the way, so of course I grabbed some cash on the way out. When I got there, I asked for some rolls.

"There's a coin shortage, so we can't give you many. How many do you want?"

"How many can you give me?"

"How many do you want?"

"A box of nickels."

And then the teller just hands them to me! No questions asked! This is my third box (my first two were halves) and I was pretty excited. Day One of sorting yielded this: one 1958-D, two 1957-Ds, one 1955-D, two 1954-Ds, one 1954, and one 1946. Day Two of sorting the rest of the rolls had: one 1958-D, one 1957-D, one 1954, one 1949-D, one 1947-D, one 1942-P (silver! I'm getting towards my goal of two ounces!), and in the very last roll, and I mean roll number 50, there was an EXTREMELY bad condition Buffalo nickel. It had some sort of red adhesive I have been trying to get off, but it hasn't come off yet. Any suggestions? I also found a few errors (including a couple of 2020-P "O" cuds) but nothing too special.

Secondly, I am now an official CONECA member, which has been great. I just received THREE errors coin in the mail from them for FREE! The first was a PCI graded MS-65 Red Lincoln Cent with a broadstrike. Next was a 1963 PF-65 DDR-016 (B) on a Jefferson Nickel. It even belonged to Dr. James Wiles (a very famous die variety specialist who made Variety Vista)! Lastly, I received what I think is at least a MS-66 1959-D Lincoln Cent with RPM-017! Thanks so much CONECA!

I also received my YN auction prize, which I won for only $75YN! It is a Type One DCAM 1979-S Nickel! It looks even better in person, and I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out.

That first portion of the blog was written about a week ago. I got ANOTHER nickel box from the same bank, and here's what turned up: one 1959-D, one 1959, one 1958, three 1954-Ds, two 1947-Ss, one 1947, two 1946s, two 1941s (one was an ender!), and three 1940s. In addition to the '40s and '50s, I also got my third Buffalo nickel (my first with a date), a 1934. I also found a 2017 dime, and two proofs: 1973-S and 1981-S. Pretty good haul even though there wasn't any silver involved. Check out the pics from all of my coins mentioned above in this blog!

Also, today I will try to get some collections posted (go check em' out!), as I have today off. So happy! FYI, I have school off because the Braves (my state baseball team) won the WORLD SERIES!😱😁

Keep collecting,




Level 5

Very nice blog! (I don't know how I missed this)


Level 5

It’s ok. I’ve been posting a lot lately, so it;s understandable if you missed the initial release.


Level 7

You have done well. Bothering wrong. Keep up the good work. with two of each coin . Then it's your pick. Maybe you need a new pair of sneakers!!


Level 5

I do!

Wow! Cool!


Level 5

And that picture isn’t even all if the ‘40s and ‘50s I found. I misplaced 15 of them that didn’t make the picture!

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