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31 Dec 2021

Yearly Summary!

Young Numismatists Exchange | thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

Boy, has it been one heck of a year! I have gotten so far in just a year in terms of my collection, and I can't wait to see your collections grow as well as mine. I just wanted to give a little recap on what happened in the past year, so let's get started!

First of all, here's the (updated) roll searching stats for the year:

Proofs Found Roll Searching: 5 (A 2004-S Sacagawea Dollar, a 1987-S half dollar, a 2012-S Alaska ATB quarter, a 1981-S nickel, and finally, a 1973-S nickel).

Silver Coins Found Roll Searching: 17 (A 1967 40% half dollar, four silver quarters {including a MS 1932!}, seven silver dimes {including a 1943 Merc!}, and five 35% nickels).

Total Silver Found This Year: 1.65896 ounces

W Quarters Found Roll Searching: 3.

Buffalo Nickels Found Roll Searching: 3 (Two dateless, and one 1934).

Boxes Searched: 5 (Two half dollar boxes, and three nickel boxes). Note: This does not count loose rolls, only full boxes I have picked up from the bank.

Most Expensive Coin Found Roll Searching: 1932 Washington Quarter (In {I think} MS-65, which would put it around $60)

We've done some pretty good roll searching this year! I still have some roll searching goals to complete, here's the full list of 10 goals I have for myself (when I complete a goal, I come up with another one):

1. Find A Liberty Head Nickel

2. Find A Key Date To Any Series

3. Find A Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar

4. Find A Standing Liberty Quarter

5. Find Any Seated Or Barber Design

6. Find Two Ounces Of Silver In One Year (this year I have found about 1.6 ounces)

7. Find More Than Three (my current record) W Quarters In One Year

8.Find Any Dollar Design Before The Eisenhower Dollar (Peace, Morgan, Trade, etc.)

9. Search A Box Of Every Denomination Up To The Dollar

10. Find A Coin Worth Upwards Of $100

Here's three goals I completed in the past year!

1. Find An Indian Head Cent

2. Find A Dollar Coin Error (Missing Edge Lettering, Cheerio, Wounded Eagle, etc.)

3. Find A Mercury Dime

So those are some goals I'll be working towards this year, and the next. My goal (ha) for next year is to have completed at least two of these goals. Keep your eyes peeled for when my updates come out, because if they do, I've probably found something pretty cool!

Hopefully in 2022 I will be able to attend my first big coin show, which will probably be Summer FUN, NMS, or WFM if I can get the chance. I'm also hoping to get some more Franklin Half Dollars for my album, which should be full in a maximum of three years. As you would have seen from the recent blog, I would also like to get a Proof Buffalo Nickel. Filling my Type Set is another thing I want to have finished by 2023, and I am thinking the next coin I get for it will be a Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

Last (but CERTAINLY not least), I would love to shout out some of our lovely community members for helping me along my numismatic journey.

Thanks to Mike, Longstrider, I.R. Bama, Mokie, and Kepi for all the help navigating the site, helping me improve my blog writing, and being the go-to people when I am having trouble with something.

Thanks to CoinHunter for getting me into roll searching, and for all of the error advice you have given me over the past year. I couldn't be a knowledgeable coin roll hunter without you.

Thanks to all of the donors that support the YNs. The YN auctions are a great way for YNs to get some nice coins into our collections without spending our VERY limited budget. I can't wait until the next annual one in September 2022!

Thanks to everyone who follows me, comments on my blogs, and supports me while I navigate this wonderful hobby called numismatics.

I'll end with a quote I like: "Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once."

Thanks for spending part of it on me.

Keep collecting and I'll see you in the New Year,




Level 5

Happy new year. 2022 Lets make 2022 a good year!


Level 5

Thanks for the summary! I hope you find lots of good stuff in 2022!


Level 5

I hope you find some nice stuff too! Maybe some more silver than 2021!

It's Mokie

Level 6

And most certainly Thanks to You (TCG) for bringing your fresh perspectives, youthful exuberance, and just plain fun to our sometimes stodgy site. I hope we get a fantastic 2022 report from you on 1 Jan 2023.


Level 5

I’m sure you will. Happy New Year Mokie!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You are very kind! Thanks for the mention.... I didn't make a lot of my goals, it turned into a terrible year, but I am very hopeful for a better year! So glad you are one of us!


Level 5

Yeah, a lot of things got ruined by 2021, especially ordering boxes of rolls from the bank. I can’t say with 100% certainty that this year won’t be like last year; all we can do is hope it won’t be like last year, and if it is, we’ll be more prepared for what is to come. Happy New Year.


Level 4

Nice Blog! You are very lucky to have found 3 w quarters in 1 year( I have only found one :) ). I can tell you, #9 is definitely doable. I do not hunt entire boxes, (but I may in the New Year), but I have hunted rolls of coins up to the dollar. However, I have only ever located 1 Ike dollar at the bank. Happy New Year!


Level 5

Happy New Year! You don’t need to sort boxes to be a good roll searcher, and your finds are testimony to that!


Level 6

Great blog! This new year will be wonderful! Thanks for the mention! ; )


Level 5

No problem! Thanks for making yourself worth mentioning!

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice word . Complete of your dreams . Happy New Year .


Level 6

Thanks for the shout out. It has been a pleasure helping when I can. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks and Happy New year!


Level 5

No problem! I’m enjoying helping others out with the knowledge you first gave me when I started. 😃


Level 5

Wow, even I haven't found a merc yet. Great blog and happy new year!


Level 5

You haven’t?! You will soon, I know it. It will happen.


Level 7

You will have a good year!! Enjoy it!


Level 6

Hopefully, 2022 is even better


Level 5

Nice finds. Hope you find your goals next year. Keep us posted. Happy new year !


Level 5

Happy New Year! 🥳

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