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19 Nov 2020

2020 nickel variety

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Hi I am new to this and just want to let you guys know about a 2020 Nickel variety that I discovered. Before Covid-19 and the coin shortage, I got 3 boxes of coin to hunt through, I got one box of quarters (Hoping for one of the new W quarters but did't get any), one box of nickels, and one box of pennies. I found out that the nickel and penny boxes were brand-new 2020 P coins and then I decided to keep the penny box sealed and but it away and look through the whole nickel box for errors/varieties and found 2. I found that around 10 rolls of the nickels had a small cud in the first 2 in the date and that some others (around 4 rolls) had a cud in the first 2 in 2020 just like the first one and a slightly larger cud in the last O in Monticello on the reverse. I called the first ones "single cuds" and the second ones "double cuds" I got rid of the first ones because they were so common and kept the second ones. I also found out that you can find them in your change if you have a jewelers loupe or a microscope, just look for 2020 nickels and check the last O in Monticello on the reverse, you can usually see it with the naked eye. Thanks for reading my first blog!-CoinHunter4

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