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15 Feb 2021

Insane discovery about a previous find

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Hi guys! Yesterday I received the book "Strike it Rich With Pocket Change" that I ordered from amazon. It really opened my eyes to all of the errors I wasn't looking for, and I will probably write a review on it soon. I saw there were a couple years of Lincoln cents were there is a large rim cud that signifies that they have a die clash or some other kind of error. And if you don't recall, I found a 1979-D Lincoln Cent a little while ago with a large rim cud.... anyone catching on yet? I got it out of my display case and looked it over, and guess what, I can see a lot of the memorial building on the obverse! 😱 It is at an angle and slightlyoff center.Now I am wondering, would this be a die clash? I'm not seeing any parts of Lincoln on the reverse, thanks for any help! (Sorry Imade this a blog, but as @CentSearcher and I have found out, forumsthreads just aren't working right now, besides, this would be kind of long for a forum thread!) Edit: I have concluded that this is a die clash and this is my theory of how it was made: First the dies went together without a planchet in-between them, resulting in a large part of the obverse die breaking off, and part of the reverse die's design being impressed into the obverse die. Next, this cent was struck, resulting in a coin with a large rim cud and parts of the memorial building showing on the obverse.

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