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02 Feb 2021

The Silver Jefferson Nickel

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Hi guys! Today my blog is going to be about silver Jefferson Nickels, or as I am going to refer to them in this blog "War Nickels". The first thing to know about war nickels is that they were made to preserve nickel for the war effort. The two things that make war nickels different is their composition and the location of the mintmark. The Mint decided to place the mintmark above the Monticello Building on the reverse of the coin, and they also decided to make the mintmark a lot larger than normal, making it easy to tell them apart from other nickels even they are not very silvery looking. They were made of 35% silver, 56% Copper, and 6% manganese. As a result of their different, unusual composition, they typically have a weird look to them that also makes them stand out. One thing I have noticed noticed that is that errors/varieties seem easy to find on war nickels, the reason I say this is because one time I hunted a $100 dollar box of nickels and found 2 war nickels in the box, but the interesting thing is that they both had a type of error. One of them had cool die cracks on the reverse, while the other had some cool lamination errors on the obverse, please see the pics below. Thanks for reading my blog! And have a great day!

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