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16 Feb 2021

Numismatic Book Review, "Coin Hunting Made Easy"

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Hi guys! Today my blog is going to be a review of a great book I found on amazon for $9.99. This book is "Coin Hunting Made Easy" by Mark D Smith. It a fairly short read with 123 pages, but it more than makes up for its length with all of the information inside. This book is very informative, and it is fun to read because has some humor. It even has a "Learning the Lingo" section that goes over a bunch of words that us Numismatists use every day, but other people have never heard before. It goes over and defines words like Bag Marks, Bullion, Clad, and Denomination and for the word "Die" the beginning of his definition of the word is "this is what happens to me when I play video games and why I have decided to stop" but of course he is just kidding like he does once and a while throughout his book. This book also teaches its readers about important things like errors, mintmarks, the coin grading scale, things you may need, understanding coin roll values, how to plan your route to get coins, dealing with bank tellers, best times to go hunting, supply vs demand, ordering coins from your bank, how to take care of your finds, and what to look for. Additionally, it goes over all the different denominations and the different designs of coins you might find. And it explains his first coin roll hunting experience (he basically hit the jackpot). Over all I think it is a great read for beginners and experts (like me ;) ) alike, with its short amount of pages and low price even young kids could probably get there hands on this awesome book. Thanks for reading this review and have a great day!

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