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29 Jan 2021

The V-nickel

| CoinHunter

Hello! Today my blog post is going to be about the liberty nickel. The liberty nickel AKA the V-nickel first came out in 1883, it had a large V on the reverse for 5 cents. But they didn't think of adding cents, leading to many people being tricked out of their money by con men who deceitfully gold plated the new coins and passed them off as $5 gold pieces. They would purchase things with them that cost 5 cents, and sometimes they would get $4.95 in change, while other times (the ones they didn't want) they would not get any change and walk away with their purchase. Eventually the Mint heard about the mass amount of trickery because of the absence of the word cents and they decided to add it to the reverse of the coin which totally destroyed the fraud. Today the coins are highly collectible and are know as racketeer nickels. Thanks for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoyed it even though it ended up being mainly about racketeer nickels, which a lot of you probably already know about, nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed my version of the story and have a great day!

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