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04 Mar 2021

W quarters and my continual success in locating them

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Hi guys, and welcome to another blog!As some of you guys know, I have been doing pretty good finding W quarters, or at least better than most. In this blog, I would like to inform you guys of the amazing finds I had yesterday. Well, I had better start from the beginning, a couple of weeks ago, I convinced my dad to take me to the bank. So, when we got there, I asked if they had any half dollars or dollar coins, and the answer was no, so I asked if I could get some boxes of coins like pennies and nickels, they told me that they could do one nickel box and that they had a lot of pennies, so I asked for four boxes of pennies, and that is exactly what they gave me. Normally, I would have had the coins hunted pronto, but I received received the book "Strike It Rich With Pocket Change" in the mail just after I had hunted the nickel box and the first penny box, so it took a lot longer to finish the other three boxes then it would normally because I was looking for every Lincoln Cent variety in it, and I have to say there are a lot to look for (over 50). So, in the end, once I had hunted all of the coins, I had and still have over three boxes of rolled pennies, and a box of rolled nickels, along with some quarters and dollars that I had picked up from my credit union. I informed my mom that I needed to go to the credit union so I could turn in some of the coins (and get some more :), I almost never come back from a credit union/bank empty handed). My mom told me that she could swing me by the credit union, but we had to make it fast (I had a piano lesson very soon). So I decided to only turn in the dollar coins and quarters to make it faster, I also asked what coins the teller had in her drawer and I got what she had: 8 rolls of quarters, a roll of nickels (this roll was marked, meaning I have hunted it before, so I just doubled checked it and re-rolled it), 41 rolls of pennies (the tellers almost never have this many rolls), and two dime rolls. After I was finished getting my coins, my mom got some cash and $3 in quarters. I asked her if I could look at the quarters quick and she handed them to me, to my surprise and delight, there was TWO Salt River Bay W Quarters in there! Unfortunately, this was on the way to piano lessons, so I couldn't ask the teller is she had any more, who knows, she might of had a ton more of them! When I got home I hunted the quarters and found a 2019 W AMP, making it my best W day ever, I got 3 of them in one day! Now I have found 8. So, my advice for those of you out there that are really wanting to find a W quarter, is to get coins from a credit union. Thanks for reading this blog, enjoy the pics (the first one is Ws I have found previously, and the second one is a pic of the Ws I found yesterday), and have a great, day!

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