Coin tubes/OBW rolls

04 Feb 2021

This collection consists of the full tubes of different coins that I have acquired coin roll hunting, along with a brand new box of 2020 pennies that I got from the bank, and a roll of BU Michigan quarters given to me by a friend. lease click on the arrows.


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

THANKS so much for your advise.... I've been following you.... Sorry for the delay in my writing, thanks for your tips about that $20 bill I posted earlier.... You're a teacher in this trend.


Level 6

Great collection going on there! ; )


Level 5

Some day those rolls of coins will be worth more. I have a few rolls, but not many. Nice collection.


Level 7

Enjoy them very nice coins . Leave them closed


Level 5

I will!


Level 5

Very nice stuff! I must say, I am curious. Did you read about the 2020 cud error? Or discover it on your own? Please DM me the answer (:


Level 5

Sure thing!


Level 5

4 whole rolls of the 2020 nickel double cud error? Nice! Though I haven't even heard of it before

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