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01 Feb 2020

The reales of El Cazador

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For several centuries the reales minted by the Spanish Empire dominated world trade. From the Colonies of the Americas to the Empires of Asia, these coins were primarily used in many regions as they went unchallenged for decades; and in some cases, centuries. With that stated, the Spanish Empire was at one point the largest and most powerful nation on the globe and thus its economic influence propelled with the newly-discovered nations the Spanish conquered.

15 Nov 2019

My Spanish Reales | Week of 11/10/2019

Coins-World | YoloBagels

So one thing I've noticed is that a good amount of collectors seem to enjoy Spanish currency; especially those who predominantly collect US coins. Ever since I began collecting I had some fascination with the old Spanish reales of the 17th and 18th centuries. Eventually I learned about the different denominations; 1/2 reale, reale, 2R, 4R, 8R, escudo and so on. I find it very intriguing how Spanish coins are something of a record of how our coin-minting technology grew over time.

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