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03 Jun 2020

75 Years Later

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As you are all aware deadly Coronachan has wreaked havoc on a number of things we all enjoy in the spring, sports leagues have shut down (Bundesliga is the first to return in empty stadiums), concerts have been postponed, The Kentucky Derby and the Master's tournament have been rescheduled. Most of all we have lost all but one of the spring and summer coin shows to include prominent ones like Long Beach, Central States, FUN, and near and dear to my heart, PAN. WFM teeters on the edge, awaiting factors it has no control over.

But one huge international event has been rescheduled for 2021, this event is the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. I have relatives in Japan and I know the Japanese people (for the most part) have been eagerly awaiting the start of the games, they have gone to extremes to put the welcome mat out to the world including much more multilingual signage around Tokyo, removal of the Buddhist Crooked Cross symbol (we think of it as a Nazi symbol but it is ancient, very ancient) at temples, and building of world class facilities to house the athletes.Legitimate fear of Coronachan havoc have pushed the whole event until 2021.

But since this would have been the return to Tokyo for the summer games, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the beautiful 100 and 1000 Yen silver coins produced for the 1964 Summer Games. This was certainly a major milestone for Japan, she was still recovering from the ruins of World War II and this was their chance to show the world, they were back and they were eager to become a part of the greater global community. I think these 2020 games would have put an exclamation point on there accomplishments since that devastating war.



Level 5

Nice coins Moke. I also will be watching some of the games if they're held. Things will definitely be "different" for a while due to this virus thing. Just this past week I was reading a article in the AARP Magazine about the "New Normal" for us old folks! I'm currently 39 and holding, but I may soon turn 40....LOL Take care buddy, talk to ya soon I hope! Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

"Caronachan" makes me laugh so hard im louder then fat man and little boy, if you get what im saying.

It's Mokie

Level 6

You mean the two atomic bombs that killed a couple hundred thousand people instantly and caused tens of thousands of slower deaths over the next 20 years? Hardly comparable but if it floats your boat, then sail on.


Level 7

I will watch the Tokyo games. The ones you mentioned will take off. The Derby has a new date. Baseball. Is looking at a114 game season. It all will be back just not on the day they were used to.. I do like the winter games more. Curling is one of my favotirets. At fist i didnt like it. Then i noticed the skill it takes to throw that stone. Its remarkable


Level 6

I'm usually not a big fan of Olympic coins. However I really like that 1000 Yen. Maybe it's me but I can almost see a face on the Mountain. I hope they get the games back soon. Thanks.


Level 5

Lets hope the corona doesnt cancel our winter also. Cancelling or postponing the Olympics must really be something for the athletes who want to compete.


Level 4

Yes, Hopefully they figure out some type of cure


Level 5

Yes, the Tokyo Summer Olympics will be in 2021. First time a olympiad will be in an odd year. Japan has really healed since the bombs were dropped, and they are one of the strongest countries to be seen. They also helped South Korea after the Korean War.

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