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13 Nov 2019

A Dream Come True???

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Coin World has just released news about our Mint's plan to issue all new one-year type coins for 2026 (our 250th Anniversary). According to Coin World, the mint has proposed redesigning both the obverse and reverse of all our minor coins, cent through half dollar for 2026. If the Mint is able to pull this off, it will be a huge boon to the collecting community, it will attract many new collectors, and it will make up for the rather half-hearted effort the mint put forth in 1976.
The idea of a complete one-year redesign is such a bold decision, I can only think the Mint has finally found a Director and Management Team that really understand us collectors and what makes us tick. Even though it is a few years away, they should start tossing crumbs starting in 2021 with at least a Medal a year dedicated to the upcoming Nation's Birthday. Allow me to dream for a bit. Even though the Mint is considering all new designs, maybe do a separate set using dual dated designs of yesteryear. The Mint could do a dual dated Flying Eagle Cent, Shield Nickel, Bust Dime, Standing Liberty Quarter, and Seated Liberty Half in proof with W mint marks. Maybe do a silver one ounce medal using the 1794 Dollar Design. Maybe make my collecting life complete by just listening to Old Moke for once!!!!!
You can read the Coin World article here: https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/mint-hopes-to-redesign-minor-circulating-coinage-for-one-year-types-in-2026



Level 5

Had not seen this. Thank you for the information. I remember 1976, hard to believe it will be 50 years.


Level 4

seems like an interesting design. i cant wait to use an wreath cent in public. we could also mix up the 2-50 dollar bills for a few years, could be interesting for non-collectors and make new ones.


Level 6

A Mokie can dream... That would be fantastic. I like all your ideas. I don't know if there is enough time for our government to doi this. It's not just the mint involved. Lets all hope it happens..


Level 6

Will looking forward to 2026.

I am looking forward to seeing what designs they come up with. This certainly is a big change/event/move for them, something that hasn't happened for a while now

Great news if the Mint comes thru. As you said, it would make up for the pedestrian efforts of 1976. And if they look good my checkbook and I will be waiting.


Level 4

I have heard about this. I was telling my Grandpa about it he has a lot of Bicentennial coins that he saved when that was going on. I will probably hoard them lol.


Level 7

This should be interesting and very much in demand. I like the idea. A one year type of our coinage. Combine my age and how I feel I don't know if I will be lucky enough to see this great year. We take it as it comes. Thanks for breaking the news.

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