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16 Jul 2020

A Tale of Two Medals

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Most of us on this site have a local club that also keeps us busy. Even though these virtual sites are fun and interesting, there is nothing that beats direct interaction with fellow collectors. My home club is the Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society (WPNS). We are a small but mighty group that meets monthly at the Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church with a visit to the Heinz History Center during the June meeting (of a normal year) and a wonderful dinner during the November meeting. Because of Covid 19, we were unable to meet in April, May, or June, but we finally got together earlier this July. Social distancing was practiced and masks were distributed to those that had not brought one.

So, what do we do during our normal meetings? We start gathering at 1930 for our 2000 meeting, our Sergeant of Arms' wife always makes us delicious baked goods to enjoy before the gavel is hammered. We read and accept the minutes of the preceding meeting, we discuss any new business and then we have a presentation, usually lasting about half an hour, from one of our members. During our July meeting, Mr. Thomas Uram, Chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, former ANA governor, PAN President and a longtime member of WPNS, briefed us on the decision-making process that lead to their recommendations for the new reverse designs for the American Silver Eagle and the Gold Bullion Coins. Mr. Uram emphasized that their recommendations are only that and the Treasury Secretary can choose another design regardless of the recommendations proffered.

Oh I forgot to mention we had our annual officer's election in July and I am now the Recording Secretary of this great organization. Finally, we go around the room and have a show and tell. All sorts of interesting coins, currency, and numismatic related literature is presented and passed around the room. Definitely a great way to close the meeting. Our club has been around since 1878 and they produced both a golden anniversary and a centennial medal. Both medals were also made in silver, they are set aside for me by another member who is still at his winter home. Tell us about your home club!!!



Level 4

That golden anniversary medal is spectacular. Do you know who produced it? It looks like a medalic arts piece.

Long Beard

Level 5

Two more medals I admired viewing. Bronze is beautiful. Thanks Mokie!


Level 5

Congratulations Mr. Secretary ! A position that's well deserved I'm sure! I have checked with the organization that runs our local coin show and they have provided me with a few names of local clubs near me. Since I'm new to numismatics, I just haven't put the time and effort in contacting one yet. All of these clubs appear to take the summer off, i.e. no meetings in July and August. Even with the pandemic these clubs don't meet during the summer. I'm currently trying to get a point of contact at the Camillus Coin Club, which is only a few miles from where I live. Thanks for a GREAT post Mokie!


Level 6

I always enjoyed going to club meetings. I went to 4 club meetings a month. After retiring,I moved to an area without a club. I sure miss the social life.


Level 6

Mr. Secretary. Well done. Not a coin club to be seen in my neck of the woods.


Level 5

I'm with Mike in saying that you have a very nice club. Congratulations on becoming your club's recording secretary! I know you will serve your club well. My home club reminds me a lot of yours. We usually hold two local shows a year and annually charter a bus to the CSNS show in Schaumberg, Ill. We hold a picnic in the summer (canceled this year) and hold our elections at a Chinese buffet restaurant in December. Currently, we hold monthly meetings via ZOOM with lots of show and tell. Zoom is also very adaptable to presentations. I usually have one of my coins as a background to my face when I log into ZOOM. This month it was my 1882-H Newfoundland $2 gold piece! Just this week our club president announced that since we were canceling all our events for 2020 that we are going to cancel our dues for 2020!


Level 7

You have a wonderful club. I'm very happy you finely got together. Human contact is a big part of collecting. Your club has a long history. You also have the PAN kids I think. We're I live there are two million five hundred thousand people and no clubs. Continued luck with your club. I hope you keep them up with this virus and congratulations on your new post!!

You are the envy of many of us, what with being able in this day and age to gather together as a functioning club. It's been so long since I've been to a coin event that if someone lined up a row of nickels at the corner, I'd swear I'd pay admission just to look at them.


Level 5

WPNS is a great historic club going back so many years. My club is the Harrisburg Coin Club founded 1950. We have about 40 members.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I wish I could join a group but the two closest to me have their meetings on days where work stretches into evening. I know that I would benefit a lot and who doesn't need more friends? Your club was founded In 1878! Why, your club is as historical as the coins we collect!

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