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31 Mar 2019

A Day At the NMS

National Money Show | It's Mokie

The weather was fine, despite a forecast of some rain, the walk from the trolley station to the convention center was pleasant, and the National Money Show turned out to be all that I expected. As many of you are aware, I had signed on as a volunteer for Saturday but knew the heavy lifting would be at the end of the show, when we had to pack up our considerable amount of PAN stuff for storage, until the next PAN show in May. So, I had duties to be sure, helping out at the exhibits area, manning the PAN booth, and walking the show in my ANA Ambassador shirt to answer questions and to point people toward the museum exhibit where one could view, among many other items, a 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, an 1804 Dollar, a 1933 Eagle (one of about 20 legal to own), and the fantastic 1943 Bronze Cent. Just interacting with the attendees is the absolute best part of volunteering. I especially enjoyed interacting with YNs and their Parents as they came to our PAN booth during their treasure hunt. We were question #1 on their form, "What was the first year the United States produced coins?" The possible answers were 1776, 1793, 1804, or 1812. I probably assisted about 15 Juniors with their form and with a wee bit of coaching, they were all able to get their first question correct. Our PAN booth had a big box of foreign coins and each YN was able to choose two coins as soon as they got the correct answer. Seeing their eager faces and their happy parents, made the whole volunteering experience worth much more to me than it probably did to them. But volunteering was not what it was all about, I also had a want list and was determined to find, a NGC slabbed 1918 Lincoln Illinois, a raw 1925 Canadian Cent for my Whitman folder, and an NGC slabbed NO-VDB Cent, 1909-1917. So many temptations along the way, I could have easily blown my entire budget before I even spotted any of my wanted items, but I persevered and finally found the 1918 Lincoln, in MS65, with a CAC Bean to boot. Now that particular purchase pretty much blew my budget but luckily I had already had an offer accepted for the 1925 Canadian Cent, from EBAY, that same morning. I never did find the Slabbed NO-VDB, but they are plentiful on EBAY and I will buy it soon. At the urging of a PAN member, I bought a book on all things Lincoln and finally, I saw something that brought waves of nostalgia to my collector heart, it was the SILVER STORY with Silver Certificate, Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, and Silver Flakes for a price I could not pass up, so I took the last of my budget and bought it too. Freebies were a little scarce on that final day of the Con, political campaigning for the ANA Board was occurring so I got a very nice token from Mr. Donald Kagin, he is running for ANA President, and I also received a poker chip issued by Mr. Thomas Uram, who is running for ANA VP. Both men spent some time talking with my partner and I at the PAN booth, I like their enthusiasm for the Hobby and I also like their can-do attitudes.Finally, I got a free book, very thick, about Civil War Tokens and other misc. magazines and what not. Best day Ever? No, but a great one nonetheless, I cannot wait for May when my home club, PAN, hosts their spring show and I really cannot wait until August of 2020 when ANA returns to Pittsburgh.

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