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24 May 2020

My Niue st Blog

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PS- Oops, this coin was actually minted in Switzerland at the Helvetic Mint

Niue is a small Polynesian island nation, part of the British Commonwealth, that is famous for its reef diving, its sheer limestone cliffs, and its abundance of non-circulating legal tender coinage. If you search Niue in the World Coins section of EBAY, you will find nearly 6000 entries with Marvel, Star Wars, Disney (aren't these franchises all owned by Disney now?) and in my example Norse Gods and Dragons. This is quite an array of branded coinage and what I have mentioned is far from the totality of their coinage franchises. Quite an output from a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, they do not have their own minting facility, instead they rely on The New Zealand Mint to mint their coinage. Far from condemning them, I am impressed with their output and wish I could collect all the Norse Gods and Norse Dragons. I might even want a Stormtrooper or two.

My Niue Odin Coin is from the Norse Gods series and was minted in 2016. It is 2 ounces of pure silver with an attractive matte finish and comes with a huge, unpictured, elaborate box. The denomination is $5 New Zealand Dollars, the mintage is 750 and they normally sell for approximately $150. I hope you enjoy this coin and a very brief peek at exotic Niue. If you want to learn more about this island nation, visit this link:




Level 5

Nice pick-up! I had always wondered where Niue was but apparently not enough to look it up. What I really find interesting is that they chose the Helvetic Mint to strike this coin rather than New Zealand. I wonder if the close proximity to the region of the world the Norse gods came from had anything to do with it.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I'm thinking the Helvetic Mint comes up with a proposal, finds a country that is willing to give it "legal tender" status then goes ahead and mints. Niue, a country obviously looking for any tyipes of revenue gets a small share, the Helvetic Mint gets the lion's share, and companies like Modern Coin Mart due the distribution.


Level 5

That is a really nice coin, and with such a low mintage. I have bought a few 2 ounce coins lately, just because I liked them and they are two ounces. Amazing that they only go for 150 dollars. I wouldn't mind finding one for myself. I love the low mintage coins like this, even though they don't have an enormous collector demand. If the demand was high, then I guess the price would be high also, and I wouldn't buy one then. thanks

The word "Niue" translates to "behold the coconut." If Captain Cook was around today he'd be surprised as to what happened to the many islands he discovered in his day.


Level 6

That is a great looking coin.


Level 7

Great looking coin as always you find the best. I didnt know about the New Zealand mint making the coins. They have made ome of the most interesting coins. Odin a very interesting god. Like the coin. Thanks for the history and reserch . Every coin and medal and tokens tell great stories. This one also.!!


Level 6

Beautiful coin. I am a huge Odin fan. Love the TV series "American Gods". I struggled about buying this coin and the gods series when it came out. I chose not to because of the finish. I see now I made the incorrect decision. I agree Niue has a ton of awesome coins. Thanks.

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