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16 May 2020

Registration is Open

World's Fair of Money | It's Mokie

Folks, registration is now open for this summer' Worlds Fair of Money. Go to the Events and Seminars tab, click Worlds Fair of Money, then click the Register Now button shown in the attached picture. Once you click the Register Now, you can register for your badge, and ORDER the beautiful 2020 Rachel Carson ANA Medals. They have three options The convention badge with ribbon for $22, the large convention medal in bronze for $65, and the Silver and Bronze medal set for $145. Your choice, order just one or order all three options. I chose the Large Bronze myself, should look great in the Man Corner.



Level 5

Thank you. I will get mine ordered ASAP. I have my hotel already registered. Hopefully, I get to pick the medals up in person.

Long Beard

Level 5

Absolutely. On it in a few minutes. I hope the show date still holds as I'm getting some serious cabin fever. BTW, Man Cave (n), the basement of her house.


Level 5

Awesome. Will check it out. I hope to attend this show. Have to see what is on the schedule for those days. Thanks for posting. Trying to decide what medal or medals I really want now. thanks


Level 7

Thanks.for the information infound what inwas looking for. The Bronze sounds nice!! Its orderd


Level 5

Thanks Mokester! I went for the large bronze also. The relief and size of the devices on that medal should be phenomenal! I'll have to see how things go for making it out to Pittsburg. I got my daughter's wedding in Iceland to go to in October. At least I'll have the badge should things be favorable for going out in August.


Level 6

Makes a nice addition to anyone's collection.

It's Mokie

Level 6

That Eagle on the reverse is going to look especially nice in high relief.

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