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17 Feb 2019

Two Hobbies in One

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One of the best ways to combine a love of Numismatics and Philately is to collect PNCs.  Philatelic Numismatic Covers are often produced for special events where the stamp and the coin or medal have some relation to each other.  The envelope that houses the two items is also has some artwork related to the overall subject.  They are extremely attractive, easily displayed, and are often quite inexpensive.  In fact, they can often be found in the case at your local coin dealer or at shows of every level.    Ms. Doris Walker has written a very comprehensive guide covering many of the more popular issues.  It is a fun read for folks into PNCs or just curious about them.

I have chosen to show you two PNCs from my collection.   One is a promotional giveaway by Numismatic News for their 25th Anniversary.  The other was issued by the Red Rose Coin Club of El Cajon, California to commemorate the 1983 ANA Convention in San Diego, California. 

The medal associated with the ANA Convention depicts the Star of India, a windjammer, permanently on display on the San Diego waterfront.  The reverse depicts Roses for the sponsoring coin club.  It is Aluminum.



Level 6

These are very cool! Great area to collect. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Level 6

Cool way to collect. I too have the stamp and breast cancer set. The only stamp I own.I did collect them as a kid. Thanks.


Level 5

I don't currently own any of the canceled stamp envelopes but I did buy the breast cancer half and stamp from the US Mint. I think these are pretty cool and very collectible.


Level 6

You can count how many I have on one hand. Interesting area to collect

I remember these being big in the 70's. As noted, the slump in stamp collecting had a lot to do with their demise. I would have liked to see a PNC collection of Presidential dollars postmarked from the historic homes of the presidents.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Yes, even the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission did a series of them combining a bronze mint medal with an appropriate stamp starting in 1973, I think.

PNCS definitely have the history and combine many things that also have the same history. Too bad stamp collecting has gone down in the past years.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I forgot to mention how the stamps related to the coin or medal. The stamp on the Numismatic News PNC was issued in 1952, the same year that Numismatic News began publishing. It is a 3 Cent Women in our Armed Forces stamp. The quarter is an uncirculated example from 1977. The stamp on the ANA PNC shows the International Peace Garden which straddles the border between the US and Canada. This stamp was chosen because the Red Rose Coin Club was the sponsor club for this wonderful PNC. The Peace Garden stamp was issued in 1982 with a 20 cent denomination.


Level 6

Forgot abt PNC's! Nice collectibles. I'd like to see more.


Level 7

Very interesting. The only thing i ever saw that sounds like it was the Presidential Coin and Currency set. They had a story. Picture and stamps and a coin. I live in a place were I believe I'm the only collector in the city. No shows no stores and no clubs so I wouldn't of seen them. Thanks for showing them I like them. Mike.

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