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21 Jul 2020

Where Does Your Passion Lie?

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One of the quandaries of our hobby is what to collect next. I recently purchased a Franklin Half Album but I have no passion for Franklins and only bought the album because I thought it would be cheap as there are know keys in the regular PDS series. I also bought another Peace Dollar Album, so I would have a second set in an album, I filled up about a third of the album with extra unslabbed dollars but again, I have no real will to continue.

I still have my New Brunswick 1861 Half Cent to collect but I now have a set in my future that will ignite my passion. It is the Canadian Silver Dollar set from 1935-1967. After 1967, the Canadian Mint eliminated their regular circulating silver dollar and substituted a smaller cupro-nickel dollar for regular commerce. They still made full-size silver dollars (.500 fine) for the collector market but those don’t really interest me.

The Canadian Dollar set comprises 27 coins with the 1945 being the key and the 1947 being the semi-key. There are also 6 commemoratives among the 27 to add to the appeal. The two keys are 1945 and 1947, they both sell for well over $100, but the rest of the set can easily be found for less than $30 and I already have the bulk of them. There are also great Dansco style albums available and I cannot wait to get started. What are you thinking about collecting next?



Level 3

Trying to complete a set of a specific series of coins is very financially very difficult, if not impossible, for most people. I am one of those people that is working towards a complete set of the coins I collect. I do not collect Canadian coins but you have identified a series whereby collecting *all* of the coins is feasible. Nicely done!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I think a lot of folks get around the difficulty of completing sets by going the one-a-year route for many sets. I had a friend complete a Morgan date set recently. It was his last and greatest coin collecting triumph before he passed away last month. Year sets can often allow you to bypass that expensive key.

Long Beard

Level 5

I wrestle with those same thoughts while attempting a complete series run of Seated Liberty Dimes. As the list of dates/mint marks needed shrank, I started a Peace Dollar set in AU/MS, now complete minus the "right" 1928. Then it was the Walking Liberty Half, which thus far I'm at 1933-1947, again AU/MS.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I have a fair number of Canadian dollars in by collection. When I first learned about the 1966 large bead coin being very valuable, I got really excited, because I knew I had a 1966. I studied that coin 27 ways to Sunday, but it is definitively the small bead 1966, not the high price large bead. It was fun though, and I prize the coin because it came from my grandmother anyway! " The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!" Lol


Level 5

Canadian coins are awesome. I do have a few sets of cents starting 1920. Might continue looking at them. All raw, but might look for a few key dates graded.


Level 5

Your heart seems to point due north! Go for it, these Canadian dollars are a nice compliment to what is increasingly turning into an all-Canada collecting pursuit :) Apart from the occasional and affordable eye-catcher, my main pursuit is adding to my existing collections, especially my LGF collection.

It's Mokie

Level 6

But I made one major mistake, the 1948 is a REALLY expensive coin. Regardless, I am going to press on and just leave that 1948 hole blank for the next 50 years. (:


Level 5

I don't really collect by sets. Most of my collection is world coins and I just don't have the desire to put together a date set of any particular type. I understand the appeal it's just not for me. The only real "set" that I have been working on is a crown size silver coin from as many different countries that I can.


Level 7

Looks like a great set. You picked a nice set to go after. I know with you passion for this hobby and your knowledge it will be finished soon. I wish you luck. And remember never give up.

Rock Hound

Level 4

Good Luck to you I am currently Collecting Lincoln cents 1909-Now and ATB and 50 states quarter ,after that i think that i will collect Indian head cents.


Level 6

Wow! What to collect next? I dread that thought. It is getting tough for me to get excited right now. Guess I'm in a little slump. I'm still looking for peace Dollar VAMs but it is getting tough to find affordable ones. I think I'll just cruise around and see what shiny coin catches my eye. Good luck.


Level 4

Very interesting, Mokie! I would love to see the full set when you complete it. Right now, I’m working on collecting an Extremely Fine Flying Eagle cent set. After that, I think I’ll start collecting VF+ copper-nickel cents. Nice food for thought. Thank you for bringing that up!

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