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24 Oct 2022

Wrapping it all Up!!

| It's Mokie

I did a talk at the PAN show called "Numismatics for Beginners" and one benefit I emphasized was the wonderful friendships that can arise just by being in this hobby. I would like to thank my friends Rob Lasich, Rob Throckmorton, Dick Gaetano (all from PAN), and Dave Burdis (South Hills Coin Club) for volunteering their time at the KidZone table or during the auction. They really stepped up for our YNs. I would especially like to thank our own blog buddy GOLFER (Pat B.) for going all out with his wonderful Halloween themed goodie bags, giant treasure chest of "PAN" labeled coins, thousands of wheat cents, and just being there as my right hand on Thursday and all-day Saturday. Golfer is a Rock Star!!! The great thing is that he enjoyed the experience so much that Golfer looks to be a fixture at our future shows.

The KidZone was a rousing success, we put together 50 goodie bags and we burned through all of them. Luckily there were about 10 leftover bags from the May show but I know we also just gave a few of the kids, their auction dollars, a T-shirt, and a a fistful of foreign coins. I would estimate 65 individual kids checked in with us. I think attendance in general continues to grow so in the future I have to plan on the possibility of growing numbers of YNs too. We have invited the Legacy Knights Numismatic Society from Ohio to our May 2023 show, I hope they are able to make it.

I also had a chance to meet with I.R. BAMA and got a selfie with the twin towers, Bama and Golfer flanking little old me. I sent a copy to MIKE and he opined that we were a shady looking trio at best. I suspect he was right and that might be why the room quickly emptied when the three of us lined up for our photo. You have already heard much about the show from LONG BEARD, BAMA, and GOLFER so I will just add that it was my favorite show ever, meeting great friends and working the KidZone.

I did manage to pick up a very nice PCGS MS65 Hudson NY commemorative half and an attractive encased nickel on the final day of the show. Those will probably be my last significant purchases of the year. Although I may buy the Silver Proof Set coming out in a couple of days from the Mint.

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Level 4

Nice half, I started collecting classic commemorative that have ships and I have to say that is one I still do not have. Of course the plated nickel is cool too and sounds like the show was fun!


Level 6

Sounds like a great time! You did a wonderful job with the Kids Zone! How fun to meet up with friends too! Beautiful commemorative! ; )


Level 6

It sounds like a good time. I commend you for tour work with the younger collectors.


Level 4

Thanks for all the great stories! Just too bad we have nothing like that in my area. Guess I’ll have to make a point to schedule a “vacation”. Keep us updated on dates.


Level 6

Sounds like I missed a fantastic time. All you East coast guys are lucky. I wish I could see that trio photo. Happy it went so well and so many people helping out. Thanks.


Level 5

There's nothing like nice coins, great shows, and good friends! And Mokie, you were fortunate to experience all three this past weekend! As for your coin purchases, you scored big this past weekend! You also had a fun show and gave of yourself to encourage the next generation of numismatists! You, my friend, are a top-notch guy! All the best to you, Gary.


Level 7

The news coming g out of this show is the best of shows in a long time. ANA friends meeting up and gifts for the kids our future. Some getting coins they wanted and you guys helped out. The ANA should be proud of all of you. You made me feel like I was there. Thanks for that! Someday someday!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Moke, my man, I have never seen SO MANY wheaties in a pile like that in my life. If the rest of you could have seen it. It was HUGE!

Long Beard

Level 5

Nice additions you've added. Waiting for the report on the ones submitted to ANACS.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Jim at the ANACS table said it would be about 4 to 6 weeks and I received my official acknowledgement of receipt today so the clock has begun to tick. some of the submissions were very prristine but some were just thrown in their to make the 14 total but I will have 13 commemoratives slabbed by early December (hopefully). Weill definitely blog about them when they arrive here in beautiful Mt. Lebanon.


Level 4

This is quite awesome. The fact that you not only got to meet up with some of the great folks here, but that all of you reported having a wonderful time is just impressive. Really hope to get to the next PAN show and join in the camaraderie. Thanks for coming back with great stories of numismatic friendship.


Level 5

Thank you Mokie ! With 65 YN's attending you and all those mentioned put on a great KidZone. All of you were awesome. I had a great time helping out, and look forward to participating again. The YN's and parents had a great time. I am sure they are telling all their friends to attend the next PAN show. Bring a friend for extra pan dollars! Looking forward to seeing Legacy Knights Numismatic Society attending again. May show would be nice for LKNS to attend. Will start working on what I may bring for the YN's. Halloween theme was fun. Nice commemorative purchase! I was looking at a couple classic commemoratives but didn't purchase. I did purchase a few small dollar souvenirs from the show. My exhibit of coin club medals got some compliments. The certificate I received from PAN was great. Didn't expect such a nice certificate. I have an idea for another exhibit next time. For everyone reading, the PAN show is really nice. Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, General Sherman in attendance. Civil war area is great. Presentations all 3 days. Exhibit area is a must visit also. Plenty of coin dealers. Prize drawings. Mokie and his world famous Kidzone. Thank you to Mokie and everyone at PAN for such a great event.

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