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02 May 2017

My collecting interests - an outline

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Briefly, the following are my primary interests at the moment:

- My Lincoln collection is my oldest so I'll list that first.  I've been collecting Lincoln cents for about two score and seven years.  I have a complete set (minus the matte proofs and the 1936 proofs.  I am upgrading to MS as possible.  On the side, seperately, I'm putting together a set of certified proofs so I have raw and certified proofs from '36 to current.

-  Maybe my favorite endeavor is my "50 year snapshot" collection.  For this I collect all coins minted 1809, 1859, 1909, 1959, and 2009.   Lincoln and Charles   Darwin are two of my "heroes" and were both born in 1809. The latter published his "On the Origin of  Species.." in 1859.  The core set of common coins in 1859 included the Liberty Seated design for the silver dollar down to the half dime and the Liberty with feathers (Indian head) cent made its debut, in the CuNi form.  Skip 50 years later, and the only design that was the same was the Indian cent; the last year of its striking.  The original series of Lincoln cents also introduced in 1909 in two versions: the VDB and the "plain" permutations from Philidelphia and San Francisco (the key and a semi-key from the Bay City).  Another 50 years later all but the cent had changed and the reverse of the Lincoln sported a different design.  In 2009 the half dollar down to 5 cent piece had the same obverse but there were multiple obverses on quarters, and cents.  There were also different versions of new dollar coins.

- I've also completed MS sets of Jeffersons and Franklins and I enjoy the hunt for WLH and "winged liberty" dimes.  More on these later...



Level 5

Sounds like you have great aspirations. Best of luck!!!!

Nice sounding collection. Thanks for sharing!

Sounds like you have a great collection going. Defiantly not going to see many collections put together like yours. Unique I like it.


Level 6

Very interesting blog. Enjoyed it very much!


Level 5

Sounds like a great collection. Interesting type collection you have.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

the 50 year set sounds really interesting


Level 6

That sounds like a supper collection. I enjoy the Lincoln pun. Interesting way to collect. Good luck and Thanks!!


Level 4

That is a cool collection


Level 7

I enjoyed that very much. Sounds like a great collection. Love to see it. I like the way you started four score and so on excellent. Collect the way you like. Sounds good to me. Mike.


Level 6

The 50 yr snapshot is an interesting way to collect. Your collecting interests are different. No two collections are the same.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I like your blog. Great to hear the different collecting areas you have. Like the 50 year snapshots. Interesting idea! And HA HA HA for your Lincoln funny. Big smile here.

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