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21 Aug 2016

Info About Robet Scot

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     Hi, well look at large cents, I was impressed by the beautiful draped bust design by Robert Scot. I  was wondering if anyone could tell me about his life/work.

                    Bryce K.



Level 6

Looks like lots of great ideas given! I enjoy dealing with the ANA Library, they usually have lots of information to choose from and very helpful people.


Level 5

Nothing I can provide, wikipedia is always a good resource which will contain other links. Best of luck on your research.


Level 6

After you check out these leads, I would recommend the ANA library. The are all great there and eager to assist you. Good luck!


Level 5

Take a look at this link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Scot There is additional information in many of the large cent reference books but this should get you started.


Level 4

Thank you


Level 6

Robert Scot is mentioned a little bit in Don Taxay "The U.S. Mint and Coinage." Also, Q. David Bowers "The History of United States Coingage."


Level 4

Good to know


Level 5

sorry dont know off hand buy i will look


Level 7

I looked in two books and did not see his name. Maybe the library would be able to help you or someone with a book on him. Large cents went on for many years. Can you tell me what year he was involved? I can look it up that way.mike

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