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02 Oct 2016

Large Cent info needed

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Hello, I collect Early American Copper, was wondering if anyone knows any good reference books on large cents, or can help me with large cent info.

             Bryce K



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Looks like the best advice has already been given. Good luck.

Gil Comito

Level 2

EAC or "Early American Coppers" is the National coin club dedicated to Large Cents. there are many books on Large Cents, the first question to ask yourself is what period or type with-in the Large Cents do you collect; Flowing Hair or Liberty Cap (1793-1796), Draped Bust (1796-1807), Classic Head(1808-1814), Matron Head (1816-1839) and Braided Hair(1839-1857) the Sheldon Book only covers dates from 1793 to 1814 and is outdated the Newcomb Book covers 1816-1857 but has no pictures and a bite outdated the Noyes books, (their's 2) Vol 1 covers 1793-1814 (same as Sheldon) Vol 2 covers 1816-1839 both books have excellent pictures and info but are very costly the Wright book is very good as well good pictures and info but only covers 1816-1839 the Grellman book covers 1840-1857 and has some pictures, he wrote an interesting way of determining the variety by date position if you can figure it out it is very useful hope that helps!!


Level 3

Join your local coin club if you have one in the area. Always people there that know a great deal about nearly every topic of coin collecting.


Level 6

ANA Library and any book by Q. David Bowers.

The Penny Whimsy is a classic, but it's a little out of my price range for a book.


Level 6

ANA Library. Cheapest way to research a book. They have helped me out. Good luck. Don't forget the Red Book!


Level 6

There is a club dedicated to large cents. Might join to help you with knowledge of large cents.


Level 7

You can always try the ANA library. With 127 thousand books I'm sure the one your looking for is there. Call them and tell them exactly what your looking for and they will send it to you!


Level 4

I will see


Level 5

Penny Whimsy is the old go to. It is long out of print but still available. If you want something more modern the Guide Book of Large Cents and Half Cents by Q David Bowers can't be beat.


Level 4

Can't beat Dr Sheldon's work!

Dr. Sheldon's "Penny Whimsey" is a classic.

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