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15 May 2016

This weeks news

Ancient Coins | user_94464

Top 3 numismatic things that happened for me last week are:
1. I bought an Indian  Islamic coin from a dealer at an antique show.
2. I had an expert check out my offset 1976 half dollar.
3. I look at other options for purchases from the Indian Islamic era.



Level 6

It's all good. Interesting


Level 6

Keep up the good work!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Congratulations on a good week. Are the Indian Islamic coins you speak of bilingual, showing two different languages?


Level 3

how much was the Indian Islamic coin worth and did you get a good deal on it on #1?


Level 5

It sounds like you had an interesting and fun week. Keep it up!


Level 7

Can't have a better week than that. Those coins must be interesting. Never saw one before. Thanks for the information.mike


Level 4

Good, it is authentic, but has a small error so it is not worth much.


Level 6

Sounds like a good week. How did the offset half dollar check out?


Level 3

*please read ear as Era


Level 3

Indian isalmic ear is a big time period starting from 12th century to 17th century. Interesting !

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