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04 Jan 2023

Book Review of The Mega Red: 7th Edition

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Hello, everyone! Today I will be writing a book review of, “The Mega Red: 7th Edition” by R.S. Yeoman. This is a great book and is extremely helpful if you need to quickly look up some information about a coin, including its mintage, value, and grade. This is an awesome book for all collectors, new and experienced, as it talks about the basics of certain coins as well as more advanced aspects of the coins, including varieties and grading.

This book is set up in a way that makes it easy to find any coin. It begins with half cents and then goes through all the denominations up to double eagles. After that, there is information about mint sets, commemoratives, bullion coins, and even California gold pieces. What makes this book so great is that for each and every one of these coins, it gives mintage numbers and estimated values for each grade. At the beginning of a new design type, the Mega Red also talks about how to grade coins with that design and provides pictures to make it even easier to grade your coin. Also, the Mega Red includes many of the most popular errors and varieties. For each of these varieties, a close-up picture is included to help you find one of these rare coins. Finally, in the 7th edition of the Mega Red, there is in-depth coverage of silver and modern dollars. As a result, there is a paragraph for each and every dollar minted in our history that talks about rarity, striking issues, grading, and more. This is extremely helpful for any silver dollar collector and is certainly one of the highlights of the book.

Overall, this is a great book for collectors of all ages and it has really helped me get more into the hobby. After getting this book, I have seen my knowledge skyrocket and I would highly recommend it to any coin collectors out there. It is pretty expensive, coming in at a price of $49.95, but the 1,500 pages of in-depth information is well worth it. I hope this review was helpful to you and I hope that you consider getting this book before you buy your next coin. Keep collecting and have a great day!


Long Beard

Level 5

I've been desiring the addition of this book since the first edition was published, but they don't seem to offer it as a hard cover. Guess I'll have to find one and have it bound. What can I say? I'm a purist!


Level 6

It's just too large for me. I bought the first edition and all the pages started falling out. I get the spiral, large print. I haven't bought one for several years though.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I like the concept of the Mega-Red but prefer the regular Red Book for show travels, etc. Mega-Red is heavy. LOL

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Thanks for the excerpt. It is a great reference indeed. Nice book summary.


Level 7

I enjoy this book. The way they set it up from the first one to the dollar. The first started with the cent. Did a paragraph on every one made. The second was the nickel all of them and also included the regular coins. I got so much information from them. Imagine all the information on the nickels..They did that to the dollar coins. Great stuff. Im waiting for Mega 8 its on the way!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Very good review! Thanks. I have an earlier megared but perhaps a new one is in order


Level 5

Thanks. Will probably buy one soon.


Level 5

Wish someone would have given me one for Christmas.


Level 4

I’ve often wondered what the significant difference is between the Red Book and MegaRed. The pictures of individual errors, and graded examples are two things that draw my interest. While I like the Red Book as my annual collectible reference, I can see the MegaRed as a 5 year reference. Rather spend the money on more coins year after year.


Level 6

Thanks for the review! ; )

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