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12 Feb 2019

Young collectors

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Hi my name is Henry an I'm 14 years old. I just joined the ANA and I have a small beginner collection that I have be working on for about a year. I am in need of some help for my collections I'm willing to that anything anyone wants to help me with. I really would appreciate your help to find any coins or money be message me it is much needed. Thankyou very much. 



Level 6

Get a few guidebooks. Collect what you like. Searching thru bank rolls may be good.


Level 6

Welcome Henry! This is a great site with lots of information and nice helpful people. What do you collect? Have fun and enjoy the hobby!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Henry, I just noticed you are a member of PAN, I am also a member and like to volunteer at the two PAN shows every year. If you have been to the PAN show, you know they have a great program for YNs at each show. I hope you can make it to our show in May, lots of cool YN activities on Saturdays at our PAN show.

Welcome the ANA has lots of programs for new YNs like you and me most notably the YN auction every September if you need any help at all the people on here are willing to no question about it.


Level 4

Hey Henry! The fun of coin collecting is finding the coins yourself and buying them yourself. If you want free coins, you might have to do favors for people or trade with people. Not too much people are willing to give out coins for free but if they do, say thank you to them and maybe do a favor for them without them asking for it. I hope you can build your collection quickly and be able to share your great finds with us at ANA. We are all with you on helping you build your collection but only in the form of advice and help. Here's some advice I can give you right now: 1. Look for Lincoln penny key dates like the 1909-S VDB,1914-D. 2. Look for coin errors like double dies, broadstrike, or lamination. 3. Look for silver coins (dimes: before 1965, quarters: before 1965, half dollars: before 1965 is 90% silver and before 1971 is 40% silver, dollars: peace dollars and morgan dollars and some eisenhower dollars) Good Luck! TheBoss


Level 6

Welcome, wish you your best in enjoying the hobby.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Hi Henry, I normally donate my time and some of my coins to young people that are involved with local coin clubs or that go to coin shows with a program for young numismatists. You should see if your school has a coin club or if your parents will take you to a coin show in your area that has youth programs. What Mike mentioned is also very true, ANA has a very extensive YN program and you can earn auction money by blogging, by attending local shows, by getting good grades, etc. Please check into this, the link is here: https://www.money.org/young-numismatists


Level 7

Welcome to the ANA. I know you don't know this but the donation of coins for the yn's kids auction. It's held every September . We don't donate to individual collectors. If that was to happen everyone would be looking for donations. It's not that we don't want to help you. We can't. There are thousands of kids who belong to the ANA. I started with money in my pocket piggy banks. Join a club save what money you can. But it's just impossible to hand out coins. It's hard when you start but we have all been there. Get in touch with the educational deoartment. Maybe they can give you ideas. We're not even permitted to sell on this site or trade. Get a couple of dollars and go to the bank and buy some penny rolls and go thru them. Maybe you will come across something. In April the new Red Book will be out it tells you about American coinage maybe you will find mistakes you never know. Mike


Level 6

Welcome Henry. What do you collect. You should try to find a way to make some money to help yourself. You will probably get some coins form this blog, but I think you would get more help if you demonstrated a willingness to work for it. Maybe I misunderstand you. Is there a coin club at your school or where you live. I think if you join the Young Numismatist, they can help you. In any event good luck. P.S. Don't forget to read as much as you can on coins you like.

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