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16 Feb 2018

First 2018 coin

| Conan Barbarian

i just received my first 2018 coin (as seen in the pic) and i was very upset that the mint did not continue with the mint mark design and now we are left with the plain cent again. i think many collectors loved the addition and wished for it to stay and maybe, just maybe, as the year progresses and more collectors see this deficit the mint will add the mint mark back and we will have 2 varieties. but that is highly unlikely but still fun to think about.

12 Feb 2018

Olympic medals

| Conan Barbarian

it is currently the Winter Olympics and if you have missed the first couple of days there is still a lot more events to come. with the Olympics comes the medals (gold, silver, and bronze) and these are some of the most iconic pieces in the history of the world. The Olympics is a time were all (or most) countries come together, set aside their differences, and compete in various sporting events to see who is the best. these games have been going on since the Greeks but have become globally famous since the late 19th century/early 20th century. each medal has a touching story behind it with a lot of hard work and effort and the designs are extraordinary on some of these pieces.

07 Jan 2018

1947 Canadian Dime

| Conan Barbarian

Over the holidays my grandfather gave me a bunch of old Canadian coins including many silver dimes. among these dimes was a 1947 maple leaf. now a little back story:

05 Dec 2017

Great Confusion

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

In the numismatic field there are numerous great and wondrous coins but then there are those that just dont even come close and make you question who thought it would be a good idea. if you haven't guessed it yet i am talking about the Susan B Anthony Dollar (SBA). this was the mints attempt on making a modern silver dollar and they made it a few millimeters larger than a quarter so as not to be confused (which it was confused and still is confused as one). also they were going to have the coin (like many Canadian coins) have a octagonal edge (maybe more flat sides) but instead of placing this characteristic on it they just made a design into the coin that made it look like it should have sides but still round (see pic).

22 Nov 2017


| Conan Barbarian

today is Thanksgiving and i think each and every one of us has something we should be thankful for. i recently came across this wonderful video on youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a33Fuz8wKDA which goes into why thanksgiving is important to us Americans and goes in to a lot of detail and reasoning why we should continue to celebrate the wondrous holiday. This country gave us more freedoms then we could imagine and continues to do so. i wish everyone a merry thanksgiving and stay safe over the weekends (try not to get stuck in big crowds).

21 Nov 2017

Class Ring

| Conan Barbarian

now this isn't a coin but it is made and designed very similarly and it also has some historical significance as well. know i go to one of the oldest high schools in the country (founded in 1839 which is why that date is on the ring) and it is currently the 5th oldest public high school in operation. the school is called Baltimore City College (also called The Castle on the Hill) and its campus is rated the best in the state (as seen in the picture below it is quite the building). the tower emblem on the ring (set on black onyx) is taken strait from the architectural design of the school and in my opinion one of the best features. this is an auralite ring meaning it is 5k gold (not very much) but it doesn't tarnish like silver and the black and gold color go very well together. The ring was first designed in 1928 by Messrs. Howard and Arthur Jenkins and the ring was also patented the same year. this ring is one of the schools longest traditions that is very beloved by the many students and teachers combined. there are many other subtle details on the ring and if you are curious about any feel free to ask.

15 Nov 2017

Numismatics in Movies

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

one of my most favorite movies of all time had a hint of numismatics that literally changed the entire plot of the movie. the movie, UHF, written and staring the one and only Weird Al is one of the funniest comedies out there but one of the heros of the story has one of the smallest amounts of screen time. this character is a bum who is begging for money on a street corner when a fairly wealthy man tries to mock him by only handing him 1 cent and what do you know that that one cent is a 1955 DD cent worth thousands of dollars. The homeless man instantly recognizes the cent and knows its worth and doesn't hesitate to cash out on this opportunity. this fairly insignificant action done by the wealthy business owner turns both the bum's life around but also the protagonist. i will not give away the ending of the movie but i love the incorporation of the infamous cent within this very comical movie. i strongly recommend watching it or put it on a must watch list but the movie is called UHF and incorporates this small aspect of numismatics very cleverly into the film.

13 Nov 2017

The Long depression

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

As i continue to delve deeper and deeper into my research paper i adjust my topic to make for a more interesting and engaging paper for all to read. As of now i am focusing on the various causes for the long depression. the long depression is not as widely known as the infamous Great Depression but it still impacted the US greatly and the entire world's economy. The long depression was a global economic recession that lasted a couple of decade from 1873-1879/1896 (similarly to the great depression the exact ending date is uncertain do to the tremendous devastation it caused). in my paper i am going to look at what were the major causes of this extraordinary recession and i am going to focus on the Global silver industry and the plummeting prices of silver that lead to the coinage act of 1873 which bannedcivilians to mint their bullion into legal UScoins also the act eliminated half dimes, 2 cent and 3 cent pieces. the second major cause i will look into is the failure of the reconstruction era after the American Civil War. the reconstruction age failed to meet its goals in many ways and it led to the major travesty of the long depression. lastly i will look at the completion of the intercontinental railroad. although this was an amazing accomplishment few people look at the events that led shortly after the completion. there were hundreds of thousands of unemployed personnel stretching from unneeded railroad workers to fewer miners for the needed metals and fewer factory workers to process these metals and so on and so on. all of these unemployed people hit america hard and created an even more devastating depression and took a very long time for the american and global economy to recover from.

30 Oct 2017

Smithsonian Gallery of Numismatics

| Conan Barbarian

this past sunday i went to the Smithsonian american history museum, mainly to see theirGallery of Numismatics, but also to see the other exhibits throughout the building. it was my first time there and i was super excited. i already knew that they purchased the entire collection that the Philadelphia mint assembled during its earlier years. well i went into the vault (second picture) first and there were some very interesting pieces like the NE and pine tree shillings along with many gold coins. they also had some confederate coins and bills, which were exceptionally interesting and quite a site, and above all, all 3 types of the 1804 silver dollar and the 1933 double eagle. i have to admit that there were many pieces that are close to impossible to view else where but i was a little disappointed in the fact that so little of their collection was available to view in person. when i got there i had the impression that every US coin they had of each date and mint mark would be arranged for the public to view but i can see that it would take up a lot of space. over all it was nice and very educational but then again i did go in thinking i would see a lot more so i am a bit disappointed as a result.

27 Oct 2017

Research paper

Coins | Conan Barbarian

i am in the middle of writing a research paper about the economic recession as a result to the crime of 1873. i am looking for information/ sources on what the major causes and affects of the coinage act were and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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