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14 Jul 2017


Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

finally after over a year or 2 of coin roll hunting today i went to the bank got $40 in dimes and boom there were 2 silver dimes in there. spotting silver dimes in a roll is easy when they are lined up due to its lack of copper-nickel or cladness. see the picture and try and spot the silver one. the 2 dates were 1953 D and 1958 D they are in decent condition and i am going back to get more dimes. there are still plenty of silver ones out there.



Level 6

Great! The silver coins really stand out in a roll. There are still silver coins out there! Keep looking!


Level 5

Congratulations. It's always nice to find silver.


Level 5

Lovin it!!!


Level 5

That's the fun of the hunt!!!


Level 7

Nice going great picking. Enjoy those there on the house.

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