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16 Feb 2018

First 2018 coin

| Conan Barbarian

i just received my first 2018 coin (as seen in the pic) and i was very upset that the mint did not continue with the mint mark design and now we are left with the plain cent again. i think many collectors loved the addition and wished for it to stay and maybe, just maybe, as the year progresses and more collectors see this deficit the mint will add the mint mark back and we will have 2 varieties. but that is highly unlikely but still fun to think about.


coin collector

Level 4



Level 6

Good find!!


Level 3

Nice find on the 2018, as far as the no P mint mark, I like the fact they didn't continue as Mike stated it was only to celebrate the anniversary and I think it would lose some of it's meaning.


Level 4

At least they didn't eliminate the Lincoln cent all together. I can live without the P mint mark.


Level 6

Congratulations on finding the first 2018...sorry you we're disappointed about the mint mark. It figures the Mint messed up again!


Level 7

I liked it also unfortunately it was just for the anniversary of the mint. That's why all the hoarding went on. So in ninety years from now if it's a MS 67 or higher it will be worth something. Anything we like they ruin.Mike.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

those 2017 P are so plentiful now i see one almost every day


Level 6

You found one! Maybe I'll find one Monday :)

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