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14 Mar 2017

picture of 150 anniversary canada one kilogram silver coin

| Conan Barbarian

i have read the previous blog by Coins - World | Hunter The Coin Collector and then looked up an image of the coin. the coin it self is very fascinating and you should read the blog that goes in depth about it. i just want you guys to see what the coin looks like because the description is not enough!!



Level 5

A great idea almost like the 1993 Phily Mint commemorative medal.


Level 6

I think the design was a great idea, but didn't come out well. I like the antique finish.


Level 6

An unusual kilo but that's kind of what the Royal Canadian Mint likes to do. I, personally prefer the F-1152 to the F-1159b National Gold Bank Note $20. Also the 1870-1884 #100 notes F-1162 to F-1161lV. That would be the back/reverse of the notes. Thanks!


Level 7

I knew it had to be Elizabeth the 11. It's a nice coin but very busy and a lot of money. I had a feeling i would be the only one not really impressed. But then again if we all liked the same thing life would be boring. Thanks for the picture.


Level 5

Well that is pretty amazing. I have a thing for coins on coins.


Level 4

WOW. That is a genuine work of art right there, but - MY OPINION - it's [censored] atrocious in context.


Level 4

I think that it is an amazing idea and work of art.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i saw the coin going for a little under $2,000 on ebay

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