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20 Aug 2017

additional collections

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

after i got back home from the WFM i decided to create another modern cent collection but this time have the entire collection only brown cents. i have previously completed a red cent collection and i dropped the idea of a toned cent for now but the brown cents are going to be a little hard especially for the shield cents. so far (as of the shields) i have only found a 2011 brown but the more rolls i go through the faster it will come together. as a side note i did find 2 beautifully toned shield cents one was rainbow and the other was blue-purple.

30 Nov 2016

REPOST My collection part 2

| Conan Barbarian

i am also planning on buying Canadian coin folders because i do have a small bag of different Canadian coins which i have acquired over the years of collecting. i am not to interested in world coins but i have enough that it is time to put them in folders.

29 Nov 2016

expanding my collection

| Conan Barbarian

Besides for purchasing lots i also go to my local Wells Fargo to get coin rolls. i mainly stick with nickles and pennies but sometimes get a few dimes and quarter rolls (and half dollars if they have any in stock). I have found many old Jefferson nickels (no buffaloes yet) including a silver war time nickle. I have also found a few wheat pennies and as i mentioned in a different blog post i keep all of the pre 1982 copper pennies due to the rise in the price of copper. some other interesting coins that i have acquired at banks are Susan B Anthony, 90% silver Kennedy half dollars, and 40% Kennedy half dollars.

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