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11 Jul 2017

cool error

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

i was going through a few coins and came across this interesting quarter. i has a few grease stays throughout the coin making some very interesting marks. the one that really pops out at me is the "I" in IN GOD WE TRUST is "missing" and appears invisible when looking at it. also in the word LIBERTY the T seems smudged and reaching from the R to the Y and it looks like it is covering the hole in the R. lastly on the reverse the word UNITED looks as if the I and part of the T have vanished and the rest of the word has also become dulled compared to the others. there are plenty of coins that are in circulation that can be just as fascinating as one like this.

05 Feb 2017

2018 National Park quarters

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

this past coin club meeting i managed to get my hands on some of the paper copies of the Numismatist and Coin World which are much better paper than digital but for now i can't get printed copies (in the future i plan to be a life member, which will be when i get a job, still in high school) but any way in the 2016 August Numismatist magazine they had a short article and pictures of the upcoming designs for the 2018 national park coins (page 25). the coins look really cool and i would say my favorite one is the Georgia, Cumberland Island national park that displays a turtle. the coin is absolutely gorgeous and really hope that they keep that design and don't switch it with another one.

18 Dec 2016

first coin show

| Conan Barbarian

Today i went to my first coin show, at the Hunt-valley inn in Temmonium, MD, and i learned and met some many people. i made many rounds stopping by at all of the tables numerous times to see what they had to offer and what prices. in the picture is all of the coins i bought/ acquired at the show. I got a total of 19 items and spent $12.50 on everything (if i were to buy all of the coins at the marked price then it would total to a little over $26.50!!). 4 of the items were free (because i am a YN) and almost all of them were discounted price from the labeled price.

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