Silver Roosevelt Collection

04 Dec 2016

this is my Silver Roosevelt Collection i found all of these in circulations. I found the 1946 while cleaning out my mother's aunt's house after she moved and the other 2 i found in an old coin purse in my grandmother's house. same thing with the mercury dimes i am waiting for a cheap price to buy a large a mount of them at once.



Level 5

Hope you have more coins by now? These make for a great set because they are worth at least silver content. A whole set of silver dimes is nice.


Level 5

keep on going!


Level 6

Congratulations! Keep searching!!!


Level 6

Very nice. Good to see a Roosevelt dime collection. I tried collecting out of circulation years ago. Never found anything dated 1955. I found a 1946 fairly recently.


Level 5

Nice collection. Keep at and you will complete it albeit it will take some time.


Level 7

When that set is complete its beautiful. All my sets are complete e except two V nickels. I kept them all up to date. It takes time but it's worth every minute. Keep going.


Level 5

Congratulations! Of the $500 or so of dimes that I have searched, I have found a F-12 1948 and a 1964.

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