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30 Mar 2019

1913 5c & National Money Show

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I had the pleasure of attending the National Money Show yesterday, the 29th of March, in Pittsburgh, PA. I found it to be interesting, informative and a bit different than what I expected.
The ANA had several displays with some of the rare celebrity coins on display such as the 1804 Dollar and the 1913 5c. Abe Lincoln was there talking to the attendees about how history repeats itself etc. The US Mint was in attendance as well.
The coin dealer tables were about 90% filled with plenty to peruse and purchase. I surveyed the tables and found that silver dollars and gold coins to be the most present for sale. Early coppers were well represented as well as currency.
Had a fun time .



Level 5

Lucky man...


Level 5

The color values look off - makes our 1913 look like an 1883 racketeer nickel! lol -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 5

I'm a wee bit jealous. Couldn't make this one but will be at the next. Seeing historic coins is always nice.

It's Mokie

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I liked that one vendor that had all the Large Cents in a bin for 15.00 each. Lots of nice ones, although I did not buy.


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Glad you had a great time! I'm looking forward to a big show coming up in Las Vegas ; ) Nothing like a hands on experience. All the vendors, bright lights and brilliant coins. Great fun!


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There's nothing like viewing the rare coins you can never own for yourself. I've also seen the 1913 Liberty Nickel at one of the ANA's Word's Fair of Money shows. Viewing those coins has always been a highlight of the show along with viewing the numerous educational collector displays.


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Shows are a lot of fun. You can find some great deals if you look hard enough. Hope to get to the summer show this year.


Level 5

Isnt that the truth! I love coin shows so much!

Sounds like a great time. That is a lovely rare coin the 1913.


Level 4

That must be an awesome show to attend. Congrats on your pilgrimage.


Level 6

Sounds good! Worth the trip to see the rarities.


Level 6

Shows are great. Deals and knowledge everywhere. I'm looking forward to the CK Show in Las Vegas this May. Smaller venue but very good. Glad you had fun.


Level 6

I really like coin shows and convention. So many things to buy, but more important, things to learn about the hobby. Collectors should take in the exhibits and educational programs.


Level 7

Shows are a great place to learn and get great deals most dealers if you ask them will come down in price. I'm glad you had a good time. Control going and enjoy them. Pat.

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