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23 Mar 2018

1938-D/D 5c Buffalo RPM-3

Coins-United States | user_9894

Well not only did I finally find a RPM, but it has turned out to be an AU58! Just received it back yesterday from grading service. Very happy with the result. 1938-D/D Buffalo Nickel, 7,020,000 total minted. Designed by James Earle Fraser. RPM appears to be a FS-1938D-501 (Talbert), (Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels by David W. Lange, page 177) Could there be an "S" under there? It's hard to tell.

The 1938 Nickels are fairly common, as many were hoarded because the public knew it was the last year for them.



Level 6

Really beautiful Buffalo! Love the toning too! Thanks for sharing it!


Level 6

Great addition to your collection. Nice photos.


Level 4

Thanks, It is like finding a needle in a hay stack, but more fun.


Level 7

Great Coin. Good eyes. There just might be an S under there. Nice pick up. Where did you get it? Mike


Level 4

At the monthly coin show in Brookpark, OH.


Level 6

That's a beautiful nickel. Great grade...,It has some nice toning too. Good get!!


Level 4

Thanks, sometimes we get lucky, but we must be persistent.

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