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25 Sep 2017

If I rank 213/11955 where are all of those other people?

Coins-United States | user_9894

If I rank 213/11955 on the blog,  where are all of those other people? Is there a list? 



Level 7

Don't worry about were you stand enjoy the hobby have fun be active that all anyone can ask. Worry about coins tokens collecting not were I stand. It's not about that. It's not a contest. It just shows activity. And the ANA knows what you do and what you don't do. So just relax and enjoy. Mike.


Level 6

There are many collectors who aren't active anymore.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

they are members who dont use all the resources that the site offers like the blogs and other collectors here


Level 7

I'm sorry but my whole activity page is full what's going on?


Level 6

Alot of people don't participate anymore...they come and go. The true collectors stay, learn from each other, write interesting blogs and yes, if it's important to them, accumulate points and climb up the ranks. It's fun to blog, put up photo's and read the comments. It's not fun to take the time and effort to take pictures of your coin, think about your blog and what to write, submit it after an hours worth of work, only to have someone else put up 5 basically one liner blogs in a row, posting question's that belong elsewhere on this site. Sorry, but people put alot of work and thought in their blogs and I just don't see it here.


Level 6

They are members that don't have anything up now. The only reason to see them would be to follow all of them. A few people have done so. They seem to disappear quickly. I think they go to a regular social media site. Not true collectors. Just my opinion. I could be wrong!

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