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30 Sep 2022

Not Lost and not forgotten

Coins | user_9894

Well here I am again. I seem to have been lost in the vacuum of covid. Hope you are all well.
I wanted to reduce some extra coins I had from the death of my father and decided to get a table at a local coin show. I knew it was a risk to take, but I was able to sell 4 Lots of foreign coins that I never thought I would get rid of. It paid for the table and I told them i would be back the following month.
That time , I brought a group of Silver quarters and halves and I did much better.
I will try again in January.
It was a pleasant surprise to recoup some of the lost wealth accumulated in many ordinary coins.



Level 4

That sounded like a great experience, I wish we had clubs near me but it's ok. We only have a coin show once every six months so I try to attend if I don't have to work, but I've finally started to take some vacation time so I guess I will be catching some shows in other states. Thanks again for the blog.


Level 6

That sounds like fun! Good for you. Glad that you were able to reduce your inventory. I too, wish I had a coin club near me. ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I would like to do that, but have had reservations. Your story encourages me


Level 5

Nice hearing about your coin show experiences.


Level 6

Good deal. I sure wish we had a local club around me. No joy. Good luck.


Level 4

I’m with that!


Level 7

That's good news. Please keep us up to date on how well you do. Your off to a good start!!


Level 4

Welcome back to the party. I have been thinking about possibly doing a table at a coin show in the future, did you find it a pleasant experience being on the selling end verses the buying end?


Level 4

Yes, would like to hear more about your adventures. Pictures would be good too.

It's Mokie

Level 6

So glad you were able to successfully reduce the surplus. Best of Luck in January. Please let us know how it goes.

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