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23 Mar 2018

1938-D/D 5c Buffalo RPM-3

Coins-United States | user_9894

Well not only did I finally find a RPM, but it has turned out to be an AU58! Just received it back yesterday from grading service. Very happy with the result. 1938-D/D Buffalo Nickel, 7,020,000 total minted. Designed by James Earle Fraser. RPM appears to be a FS-1938D-501 (Talbert), (Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels by David W. Lange, page 177) Could there be an "S" under there? It's hard to tell.

11 Mar 2018

Twenty-Five Cents 1961- D RPM

| user_9894

I was looking through some coins the other day and I found another RPM. So the first thing I did was look at the Cherrypicker's Guide to see if it was in there. There is a possibility that it is the one shown on page 206, URS-4 - I-3 - L-3, though I think my secondary D may be south and east of the primary D. There doesn't seem to be any other doubling on this coin, which would indicate the re-punching also.

11 Feb 2018

Today's Quarter RPMs

Coins-United States | user_9894

Today I was setting up my digital camera, and downloading some software to get it working, and to test it I went and got a partial roll of silver quarters to see how it would work. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that today it was around an 8. I need to work on the lighting next, to really bring out the varieties which can be found on our coins, The photos speak for themselves. Clearly you can see the repunched mint marks.

06 Feb 2018

Indian Nickel 1938D or DD

Byzantine Coins | user_9894

One of the nice things about coin collecting is the sharing of finds and information. Another thing is when you can have your spouse interested in coins to give to the grandkids to show what has come before. The monthly coin show, in our area was last Sunday and we like to check it out, then go for brunch.

29 Sep 2017


Coins-United States | user_9894

Today, I was trying out some extension tubes on my Nikon D600 camera. I pulled out a quarter that I received as change today and this is wha I found. A rpm I think. Take a look at the photos and see what you think.

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